Thursday, September 23, 2010

Five Fall Essentials with Twenty York Street

 I've asked my friend Marilou of Twenty York Street to share her essential pieces for fall. Being from Canada, she knows a thing or two about dressing for colder temperatures. Welcome, Marilou!

Howdy, friends of Sidewalk Chalk! I was super excited to work with JoAnn on this collaboration and nervous too, of course, knowing that she always writes fantastic posts and takes the most gorgeous photos! (Editor's note: Aww, thanks M.!) I believe Fall is more her specialty as I'm usually the one who is scared of not just the chilly weather ahead, but I have yet to master the art of layering, keeping warm and looking good -- all at the same time! This year however, I vow to put on my bravest pair of booties and face fall with the sheer determination of a brand new cashmere sweater, bought on sale for 40% off!
Here are my Top Five Essentials for Fall:

Down the Trenches
Have you ever seen a duck (or a swan, if you prefer) underwater? They look so poised and calm on the surface, but underneath those little legs are busy kicking and paddling so they can keep swimming. Trench coats offer the same fashion. You could be wearing an un-ironed button-down shirt or a raggedy pullover, but when you wear a classic-cut trench coat over it, you will instantly look pulled together! Bonus points: It'll keep you warm and toasty!

Not-So-Little Black Dress
This is the most versatile piece you could ever own in your closet! There's so many ways to love 'em: put on a belt, tie a scarf as a belt, wrap a scarf around your neck and belt it, put a cardigan over it. Got a boyfriend blazer or a grandpa cardi? How about a statement necklace, a chunky cable-knit sweater or the oh-co-current military jacket? The combinations are endless, and really you can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress!

Punctuation Scarves
Yes, they do make a statement, but what they really do is add punctuation marks to your outfit! Hoping for a fat exclamation point? Choose scarves that have either: interesting texture; intriguing patterns; exciting details, such as sequins or fringes; and of course, exquisite colours. You'll get a semi-colon and a capital D if you can find one that has them all!

Call of the Wild: Animal Prints
Every September issue of any magazine known to women has a photo spread featuring the King of the Jungle Trend --the Animal Prints! I've personally run far away from this trend, like a squirrel running away from a cheetah. But that's all in the past, because now I embrace them all (shoes, scarves -- the easiest one, purses, cardigans and umbrellas -- yes, even in the rain you need to stay chic) the way Broadway embraced "The Lion King" musical!

Boots: Riding or Otherwise
I know some people say it is sooo cold in their neck of the woods. I don't want to brag or anything, but I live in Canada and we've got the meanest and coldest winters in the world. Boots are your best friends. Booties, Ankle, Tall, Over-the-knee, Suede, Leather, Rain, Uggs -- yes, even those! You don't necessarily need to ride a horse to get 'dem riding boots. If you love your feet and toes and you want to keep them looking well, normal, in April, you MUST invest in boots!

What are your Fall Essentials for this year? Do you dress for comfort, warmth or style? Head over to Twenty York Street to check out JoAnn's My Five!


  1. JoAnn and Marilou you put it all out very well!
    This part right here is THE part:
    "(...)but I have yet to master the art of layering, keeping warm and looking good -- all at the same time! This year however, I vow to put on my bravest pair of booties and face fall with the sheer determination of a brand new cashmere sweater(...)"

    I'm also happy to see that I have all the essentials right here!

    Have a beautiful day,

    PS: I've just started blogging and would be delighted to receive your visits!

  2. I love that you two are working together on things like this!!! You are two of my most favorites bloggers and this is just fun. :)

    Marilou is so stinking gorgeous and has the perfect suggestions for fall. Love them all!!!

  3. I am so excited for this "animal print everywhere" thing to keep going... I love it!

  4. Awesome post and so was Marilou's! As a former Canadian I can attest to the fact that we have to build unique skills to maneuver cold weather fashionably. I love your fall list - the animal print shoes are adorable and the scarf so pretty!!

    I'm testing out leather (faux), boots, scarves, layering and adding some sass with the animal prints!


  5. Thanks everyone for your feedback -- I'm so glad you enjoyed Marilou's guest post! Thanks again ML for doing this! :)

  6. I love your post on Marilou's page and i love her post on your page. You guys are doing an amazing job! keep it up! we all need to get our fashion fix somewhere and i'm glad there are blogs like yours out there. I'm going to follow your blog :). Feel free to drop by my page anytime. (

  7. Great picks! I love your printed scarf. I'm so with you on investing in boots to survive the frigid Canadian winters. I have a couple pairs of Frye boots and they stand up to everything the Canadian winter throws at me!

  8. love the necklace in the second outfit!

  9. After reading JoAnn's piece, I'm tempted to run and get me some leather! Though I doubt that I will look as good as her in those!

    Thank you for this opportunity J!

    big hugs to everyone,


  10. I definitely enjoyed this and I'm craving some animal prints to wear...


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