Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Leaves of grass

Jacket: Aeropostale,
Dress: J. Crew;
Shell necklace: Aloha Stadium, 
Honolulu, HI;
Shoes:gift, from Philippines;
Belt: Highland & Ponce,
Calivintage giveaway.

Oh look, I completely and utterly match my surroundings. It wasn't really planned -- I only decided to go to the trail at the last minute. My usual spots at the dock and the shoreline were taken over the whole time, so I snuck some photos in the more woodsy spots.

Moving has made me realize how much I own, and I've made it my goal this September to remix as much as I can with some separates and accessories. As the warm weather rose this summer, my laziness increased and I haven't gotten as creative. And because I didn't experiment, I'd get bored with my simple dress outfits, and find gratification by buying a cheap bauble here and there, and then never find a way to wear it. I've decided to stop this cycle by playing around this month with what I have, and hopefully it'll extend to creating a lasting behavior.

This was my first attempt at including a new-to-the-blog separate to my rotation -- the lightweight jacket is a nice color and I think it'll be a good alternative to my sweater collection. I really liked the ruggedness of the jacket and the paisley print of the dress.

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  1. Um, I really, really, reallyreallyreallyreally love this! Belting outside the jacket was genius!!

  2. I love this on you. The jacket is a different look for you and it works really well. I, too, like the contrast between the jacket and the sweet print of the dress.

  3. I've always loved this dress. Belted over the jacket is pretty genius too!

    Got the interview answers! Hope you enjoyed doing them, will go through the photos now!



  4. I love this outfit. And I love the print of your dress (especially in the woods!). I would never have thought to belt that jacket and it looks so awesome. :) Thanks for more inspiration, as always!

  5. oh i LOVE whitman!
    and your sweet juxtaposition of military-inspired with floral. i think you're right on target for the fall.
    and such pretty pictures, as usual.

  6. Truly awesome jacket find!


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