Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest blogging

Hey pals, I am taking a much-needed vacation and will be back early next week with posts. In the meantime, I've got a couple guest posts up around the blogosphere. Emily of sartoriography is hosting a guest series on travel, and asked bloggers to write on travel tips, sartorial choices, etc. Click on over for my thoughts on collecting travel mementos, as well as anecdotes on genie bottles, model ships and the feminism in maritime trade (I swear it's all related). And then kick up your feet and peruse sartoriography for awhile -- Em's sartorial eye is just as sharp and creative as her writing.

Also, the uber-adorable ladies of Harley and Jane hosted me in the midst of wedding week madness on their blog. You can read more about my thoughts on self-photography and the blogosphere there

Have a great week, and I'll be back soon with photos from the beach!

Secondhand story

 Dress: Erika, vintage, thrifted, from Minx; 
Headband: Target; Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri, Target;
Ring: Medieval Times (story here);
Sweater: Ruche (part of a giveaway from The Clothes Horse).

As a child, I grew up in other people's clothes. 

Sure, I had my own from the store, and some even handmade by my mother. Some even from the mall.

But the ones that held the most curiosity were the ones found at the thrift store. With three young children, my mom did a lot of discount shopping while I was growing up, and thrift stores became a place of savings (and a point of contention and disdain during some of those years for me). Some school years' wardrobes were concocted from Salvation Army discards, and if I ever felt I wanted to start a new grade level with a fresh identity, my mother encouraged me to find its costume within the racks. 

There was fourth grade, and the holey red sweater, bra top and floral shorts that was more appropriate for a grunge show than the playground (how I never got sent home from elementary school still amazes me). A white crochet vest worn at age 10 belied my fascination with the 70s and repeat viewings of "Now and Then." 

Years of experimentation soon followed with platform sandals, mini-skirts, camp t-shirts, off-the-shoulder blouses, Halloween costumes, evening dresses. If a cat had nine lives, I had the wardrobe of 15 in my closet as a teenager, and all from different eras and sizes.

These days, I have honed in a little better on my personal tastes and preference for quality. I'd probably pass on the red holey sweater if I ever saw it again. And these days, there are fewer personalities fighting for attention in my closet, too.

But thrift store shopping has become second nature to me, and I still do it often, as it's economical for me and easier to find things to fit my vintage preferences. Before I started this blog, I had little idea of how to figure out fit and quality on a meager budget. Now, I suppose after 500-plus documented trials on this blog, I'm more confident about all those things, and myself looking decent in the real world. 

And it never would have happened without experimentation in the clothes of others.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I got to get a move on before the sun

 Dress: Ruche (from a giveaway from The Clothes Horse);
Belt: Loft; Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri, Target.
Listening to: "Wagon Wheel," Old Crow Medicine Show.

It feels like my life is finally slowing down a bit. Jeremiah and I went to our last wedding for a couple months this past weekend, and so we're heading into the calm before graduate school starts. I am trying to catch as much leisure time as I can, through hanging out at the pool, sleeping, and taking an impromptu trip to the coast soon ...

I ordered this dress last week from a giveaway I won at Ruche and I've already worn this dress a few times. I was drawn to its lace and interesting back detailing. I'm usually very skeptical about online shopping because I like seeing the quality and sizing up close, but this dress was pretty well-constructed and something that I can dress up or down for different occasions. I'm usually not one to feature my back in clothing, but I slowly see myself making that change in my wardrobe ...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ain't that a kick in the head?

 Dress: 1950s vintage, from Minx (last worn here);
Ostrich purse: vintage, from Agora;
Shoes: Target (from my wedding); Watch: gift from Marilou.

And ... I am back. Since this summer has been full of weddings for Jeremiah and I, I'd like to share one particular Saturday that was very special. My friends Val and Sam got married in an 1840s church in Oxford, a small town that is steeped in history as the college campus where their relationship began. With the couple's love of Southern Gothic literature, vintage looks and 1950s swing dancing, it made for an incredible night for all, punctuated with music from Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and all the era's best. I thought I'd honor the couple in two other ways: a vintage dress of my own and a blog post dedicated to their awesomeness.

Val embroidered handkerchiefs as gifts for her bridesmaids.

A moment with the bride's dad.

Watching the father/daughter dance.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Never the wayworn

 Dress: Old Navy, thrifted; Belt: Loft; Scarf: Thrifted, vintage; 
Floral wreath: self-made; Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri, Target.

 Thanks so much for your feedback on yesterday's post. It's always a little daunting to talk about personal plans in the making, but I'm so excited to see how things unfold in my life. It's always great to hear from those of you who have also made career changes too, and the ways blogging may have influenced those transitions.

These photos are a treat to share -- my sister Nikki came to spend a long weekend over in Athens, and as with most of her visits, we spent some time exploring the town on our own. We went to a park that I had in mind for photography -- it's a nature reserve with long, winding creeks that attract lots of birds. We had fun climbing out on the low rocks, blowing bubbles and enjoying long conversations before I showed her my usual park hangout. I know I'm usually a loner when it comes to these photo sessions, but it is always nice and safe to visit unfamiliar places with someone else.

I've worn this dress very similarly last fall, and I love that it works as a neutral base to the floral and purple accents.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They have their exits and their entrances

 Henley: Chaps; Dress: Style & Co.; Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri;
Bracelet: Finder's Keepers, Lawrenceville, Ga; Necklace: AE, from Marilou.

I do have to share some news: I've been spending the last couple weeks getting ready for graduate school, which will begin next month. It's weird to think I'll be back in college two years after my undergraduate education wrapped up, but I'm glad I get the opportunity to start over while I'm young, to make the leap from a struggling industry (journalism) and start over. I'll be studying for my master's in advertising, and I'm excited to see how that will change my life. I'd like to explore graphic design, social media and marketing a little bit more, especially since the technology for it all is constantly evolving. This blog was the catalyst for this change in my life, and the people and readers -- you, yes, you -- have helped me get to this part of my career path. So really, thank you

I have a feeling that in the coming months my blog will change a bit more. Though it'll be the same in that the basics -- personal style and photography -- will always be around, I'll probably use this blog as an experimental lab for design and other features. 

I started this blog to have a personal outlet for my style, but it's evolved beyond any sartorial expectations and has helped me realize what I'd like to do for a career path. I'm curious: If you have a blog, how has its presence affected your life? 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Light of Venus

 Dress: Body Central; Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri for Target; Wreath: Self-made.

My absence from the Internet was unplanned but enjoyable. With my busy work/weekend schedule, as well as the oppressive heat, I've been spending my precious free time holed away in chilly hideouts -- namely, my apartment, the pool and the bookstore. In this downtime, Jeremiah and I have been running through the entire series of "Breaking Bad" (any fans out there?) before the fourth season premiere next week, and we're also making a lot of our own homemade popsicles (freeze Crystal Lite into shot glasses with a popsicle stick). So really, I've been thoroughly enjoying this time away.

I've been inspired to take more photos and have been reading a lot of photography books lately at the bookstore -- mainly works here and there about composition and lighting. I've got personal projects I'd love to complete before the summer is over, so I've been inspired in those ways to go to certain locations. But whatever I've gained in inspiration for photography, I've lost in my creativity with my own wardrobe. With the hot-sticky-grossness of being outside most afternoons, I have only worn about three or four different things in the last two weeks. I wore this outfit last week to a birthday party, and have repeated it a couple times since. I love the bright print paired with the floral wreath, which has increasingly become my accessory for the summer. I went out during dusk last night to take these photos to get my creative muscle going again and to get into the habit of taking photos in the afternoon (something I've shied away from since spring with the locust-like crowds descending on the park). I'm really glad I did, because the light was incredible and perfect, and made everything and everyone look like a Botticelli muse.

What accessories have you been loving this summer? 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Remixed: Red, white and blue

While this weekend has been about fireworks, family, and all things Fourth of July, I do have a soft spot for a red, white and blue palette year-round. Though I'm not one for being costume-y for holidays, I do like to show my spirit for these occasions in subtle sartorial choices. Here are some of my favorite color combinations of  the past year.

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