Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And the land we belong to is grand

Dress: Talbots, thrifted;
Sweater, belt: Ann Taylor Loft;
Boots: Target;
Socks: TJ Maxx.
How I've worn the dress before: here.
I have always perceived gingham as a summer fabric -- its checkered print brings the memories of picnic blankets and its lightweight material lends itself to warmer temperatures. It also reminds me of "Oklahoma!" the musical too -- cornfields, barn dances and all that fun stuff.

I wanted to dress up its casualness a little bit for autumn weather, so I styled it with my much-loved ruffled sweater and boots. I ended up really liking this outfit -- something about seems just so darn sweet, like I'm going to bake you an apple pie from scratch as soon as I pick some wildflowers. In reality, it'd probably be funfetti cupcakes from the box, because that's how I operate these days -- from the box. You'd still eat them, wouldn't you?

One of my sartorial resolutions this year was to break out my fabrics and textures during different parts of the year.
How do you wear seasonal fabrics year-round?

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  1. My goodness, Joann. You are such a lovely lovely girl! There is a air sophistication in your kind of beauty. One that can be categorized under those faces that are classic :)

    I always love how you fit into a outdoorsy background. It is so serene. Very relaxing to look at.

    PS I love the boots waaah! :)

  2. HI Joann!! You look fab in this outfit!! Totally loving the plaid...the belted cardi...those boots....love it ALL:)

    Have a Fashionable Day:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  3. I adore this outfit. Red, white and brown - so pretty. Those boots are fantastic and I love the ruffles on the cardigan. You're gorgeous.

    And yes, I would most definitely eat from-a-box cupcakes. I'd eat any cake, really. I'm so easy.

  4. Yes of course I would. Though I really need to get my lazy bum to the gym!

    You look radiant and I just love the way you write!



  5. I always love that dress, but I love how you've made it a transitional piece with the cardigan and boots and belt. Such a fantastic autumnal look!

  6. I love how belting that cardigan breaks up the tiers, creating a really interesting use of space. I am really loving this!!

  7. cute fall outfit, I like the pic of you looking at the lake!

  8. Your ruffled sweater is darling, and I love your boots. I would never have guessed they are from Target -- they remind me of the Fryes that everyone is so crazy for this season.

    And funfetti cupcakes from the box are one of my faves! My college roomies and I used to make them at least twice a month. Have you ever tried the recipe for Funfetti cookies? It's often on the side of the box, and they are delicious!

  9. The plaid under the ruffles is one of my new favorite looks - you wear it so nicely.

    Polka Dot Biker Shorts

  10. I love the plaid dress and I want that sweater. You look lovely :)

  11. What beautiful scenery! It looks so peaceful there. And those boots are fabulous!


  12. I love the ruffley goodness of this cargidan. My go-to trick for wearing summer in winter? Black tights. With everything.

  13. I try to wear floral prints through fall, paired with a cardigan. Thin dresses are paired with thick tights, leggings, or maybe even jeans. It's not just a fall thing. I mean, I wore plaid/flannel in the summer so I never stick to one season.

  14. mmm, the first picture really really looks like fall is starting. I love how you've made this summer dress look more like a fall dress. And love those boots!! I'm still saying "Target, really?" My closet has a brown boot hole in it ...

  15. oh man i love this take on the gingham dress! my only thought is... aren't you so HOT right now in this heat? i wanna wear boots so bad but my prego thermostat won't let me.

  16. I always envy this cardigan---you make it look more fabulous with every outfit! The layering and accessories are perfect. :)

  17. I love gingham! Looks great!

  18. I love that you are wearing a gingham dress styled for fall! I think this is a great resolution to take on for myself as well.

    And forgive me, I am woefully behind in reading your blog posts!


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