Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello, sunshine.

I suppose it's been a long time coming for me to start writing on this thing, but now that I have gotten the GRE out of the way, I can devote more time to sartorial-izing than to studying. So, here goes: I'm JoAnn, sister to Nikki. I live near Atlanta and just recently (well, as of May) got married to my high school (and college) sweetheart. I'm a lover of many things: news, fashion blogs, candy (you bet I'm excited about Halloween coming up), Mad Men, old movies and musicals.

I'm sure there will plenty of time to get to know each other as the months go on.

A little bit of background: I have been inspired to start writing a fashion blog for a while, but had just never found the time in my schedule (it's been a busy couple of years). I've been reading sites like What I Wore, Kansas Couture, The Clothes Horse, This Time Tomorrow, Academichic – and have been constantly amazed and surprised by the creativity of their fashion choices. I like that fashion has in a way become democratized and that there is no longer one single source declaring what's 'in.'

Nik said she wanted to do a sister fashion blog, and I think this wil be a fun adventure for us both. We're both at very different stages --- she in school, me in the professional world --- and while you'll see some differences, I think you could say that our tastes sometimes influence each other.

Either way, hope you enjoy!

Outfit of the day:

Where: Work

Brown sweater: Mossimo, Target

Blue silk sleeveless bow-tie top: Banana Republic, sale

Brown wool skirt: Ralph Lauren, thrifted

Brown wedges (the most comfortable shoes ever): Zigi Soho, Off-Broadway, sale

White trenchcoat: Banana Republic, gift from mommy

Why: My office is business professional, so it's important to look conservative but chic at the same time. It's been getting chillier in Atlanta, but not so chilly that I can still get away with bare legs.

I apologize for the lack of awesome-picture-taking skills that Nikki seems to possess with her camera; taking photos in an apartment with a point and shoot camera sometimes don't garner the best results. Oh well, it'll be a learning process!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I've been thinking, maybe I've been partly cloudy. Maybe, I'm the chance of rain. Maybe I'm overcast, and maybe, all my luck's washed down the drain.

Lately its been quite cold. However, Tuesday and Wednesday were rather warm which meant I had an opportunity to wear another cute outfit. I don't have many warm outfits that are fashionable; they mainly consist of sweats and a hoodie so I took these Tuesday after school.

Today it's raining so I didn't have the chance to take new pictures.

what i wore: dress Forever21, shirt Forever21, belt Ann Taylor Loft, headband Target, shoes secondhand

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October is a wonderful month.

what i wore: vest H&M, dress secondhand, shoes my mothers.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rain, rain go away

When it rains in Georgia it never lets up, when it finally does the ground is marshy...

what i wore: Modcloth dress, H&M tank, Forever21 belt, Tights are my sister's, Shoes are my mother's.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The beginning is a very good place to start:

This is a blog run by two sisters. One, a hard working journalist, the other, a hard working student. The eldest is twenty-two, the younger, sixteen, and both with two similarly different styles.

Currently, you're reading what the youngest has to say.
Recently my sister has turned me on to fashion blogs, and I have become obsessed. Since my sister is an aspiring journalist, and I, the photographer, we have come up with the idea to start our own fashion blog. However, I am extremely impatient and could not wait to start this new project, so I gave it a little push...

Dress- Forever 21, Cardigan- American Eagle, Undershirt- Pacsun, Belt- Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes- Shoe Carnival

-- Nikki

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