Friday, September 10, 2010

There will be outtakes

Celebrating once again the awkward and unintentional in just a couple photos for this week. Do you ever get annoyed about when you have a good photo all set up, and then you do something weird with your face? That's how I feel about the first one.

And, bonus: here are some more that were taken over the summer. I had more than I thought.

My sister Nikki looks like she is doing some kind of shimmy, and I look like I'm coming at you like a cat. Okay, maybe I like this blooper, haha.

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  1. I love that you take yourself lightly enough to post bloopers!

    I, on the other hand, delete mine immediately. ;)

    You look adorable even in bloopers!

  2. These always make me smile. It is nearly impossible to take a jumping picture (at least in my experience). I think you look just as awesome in the bloopers as you do in the keepers.

  3. LOVE the one of you jumping.....I know how you feel...I did my photoshoot tonight at another location.....just to come home and realize the camera card was NOT in the camera....can we say REDO?? hahaha

    Statements in Fashion

  4. Haha I love them .. especially the last one!

    Sal xXx

  5. I LOVE the black dress!!!! :)



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