Monday, September 27, 2010

"Mad Men" links: Season 4, Episode 10

"Hands and Knees," image via AMC.

Episode 10 of every "Mad Men" season usually seems to be when events start to really landslide and things pick up huge momentum. Last night's episode was no exception. As usual, no spoilers related to last night are referenced in this post, but obviously if you click a link you'll get details. Hope you enjoy!

- The Wall Street Journal has an interview with Lynn Shelton, who directed "Hands and Knees."

- Basket of Kisses contemplates the secrets of last night's episode, and why many of the characters have nowhere to run. In reference to last week's "The Beautiful Girls," a closer look at who's really the "emu" of the show.

- Mark Moses, aka Duck Phillips, has returned to "Desperate Housewives" as Paul Young. See who else has played roles on both these shows.

- A London museum will be showcasing some 1960s "Mad Men" era clothes. (The setup in the first photo with the birds overhead is evocative of Betty and the "Shoot" episode!)

- Jon Hamm opens up about previously battling depression. His real life experiences overlap a bit with Don's character, as Hamm lost both his parents while he was young.

- AMC has an interview up with Cara Buono (aka Dr. Faye Miller).

- Elisabeth Moss tells Entertainment Weekly about her favorite "Mad Men" episode.

- And finally, New York Magazine has some fun reenacting some "Mad Men" scenes with the dolls. "Never fear, First-Aid Joan is here!"

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  1. Lately, after each episode, I find myself saying, "Oh! This is my favorite one yet!" only to decide that the next one is also my favorite. I had hoped that Don's opening up to Faye meant that he had found the right woman for him, but that last lingering look he gave Megan leads me to believe he's still the same old Don.

    I look forward to these posts weekly! Keep it up!

  2. Cute! You always have the best outfits!


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