Friday, September 10, 2010

With kaleidoscope eyes

Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT;
Jacket: Aeropostale, thrifted;
Shoes, necklace: gift from mom, 
Bag: gift from friend, from India.

It's official -- whatever love or interest I had in this photo location has dissipated, for several reasons:

1) It smells like a cesspool. Not that I have experience hanging out at the local cesspool or whatever, but it smells pretty foul, like living inside a petri dish that hasn't been cleaned for 50 years. There are signs all around the park that say to not go near or touch the water because there was a recent industrial fire, and doing so may cause bodily damage/super powers.* Really.**

2)  Stray animals scare me and I've seen multiple ones chillaxin'. I mean, I'm sure they're nice, and maybe they're just like the cute little animals from "Homeward Bound" and have just had bad luck, but I'm so wary of them and their possible diseases/super powers. Have you read the Animorphs series? Just sayin'.

3) I'm pretty sure the mosquitoes here are a special breed of mutant sketchball mosquitoes, in that they always know how to find me despite my bug-sprayed skin. And getting bitten by them will cause malaria/super powers.

4) And finally: if there were ever a place to get rid of bodies, or threaten to take someone to the mattresses, it would be here.

So, I'm out of photo places. I really thought I had a few good ones in mind when we moved here, but a lot of them haven't really worked out because they're in busy areas. I'm one of those people who equates finding a great photo location to finding a canvas for a painting, so it's a bit frustrating to not have a fixed nice, safe place around here where I can take my photos. 

But I am an optimist: I am devoting part of the weekend to finding new places, but I really want to know from you where you like to take your photos. Is it important to you to have a good photo location (scenery, et al), or do you like to feature solely the outfit? If you do have a photo location, what draws you to it? What constitutes a good blog photo to you? 

 Have a good Friday,

signature1 by you.

* When I say super powers, I really mean venereal diseases. Just didn't want you to hang out at said park in the hopes of becoming the next Peter Parker.
** Not really. But yes, there are signs about the industrial fire.


  1. Yoiks, too bad about the stank - it's a gorgeous setting.

    That hoody is unbearably cute.

  2. Shame about the locale, but I understand your pain. I pick where I shoot based on a place setting off my outfit (usually) and I definitely want semi-seclusion since it's embarassing enough taking pictures of yourself and even worse when you add a stuffed monkey into the mix. If a place gets too crowded with either bugs or people, I bolt!

  3. What a sweet outfit....and really love the purse too!
    Statements in Fashion

  4. Mosquitoes are terrible :( you look super cute though :D

  5. I always love your settings for your photographs! I love picking great backgrounds but most of the time with my busy schedule and my boyfriend's busy schedule (who takes my photos), I am very happy with the back of my apartment building, especially so the outfit can stand on its own (: My favorite though has been the blue wall of a shed I found. It reminds me of an Anthropologie catalog! I also love on-location pictures--your outfit you wore to a beach taken at the time by a friend, for example.

    I love your dedication to your photos and location-scouting but don't feel too frustrated about it because I haven't seen a bad location in your photos yet!

  6. I love your jacket!!!
    As for pic locales, it is nice to see the scenery that some use. I really like your backdrops a lot. As for myself, it is just not possible to lug my two little ones to the forst or river while I take pictures. That's why, for now, I just take pictures on my deck or in the yard.

  7. Soo not cool that I haven't posted anything in my blog for what seems like forever. I'm just so glad you had me covered!

    Location, location! J and I usually take photos during coffee breaks, we use whatever's nearby!



  8. That's a shame. I know the feeling of wanting to take pictures in such an amazing place but then when I do get there, doesnt have the magic I hoped it had. Well usually I just take photos focusing on my outfit and the story behind the outfit (the event I went to or whatever it is). If the location does permit me to take "photo shoot" photos then usually its a setting that's bright and vibrant. Something that compliments well with what I'm wearing. :)

  9. I would be so insanely amused if they posted a sign saying that it might cause super powers. I would probably take a picture of said sign and post it on facebook. Because I do that a lot.

    I typically take my pictures on my front patio. As I'm rushing out the door to work. And then I post them unedited as soon as I get to work.

    I am SO lame.

  10. Best things about this post:

    1: references to "The Godfather"
    2: use of the term "cesspool"
    3: the insane cuteness of that hood

    You look great, despite the disappointing discovery of the stinky, scary quality of your photo locale.

  11. That hoodie is rad. I love how it sasses up your dress.

    I go back and forth about photo stuff. I hate having a REALLY awful background, but I'm happy to rely on the brick wall outside my apartment, or a lovely corner of my living room, if I can't find a good exploring spot.

    Good luck, and happy weekend!


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