Thursday, September 9, 2010

No use crying over white skirts

Dress (as top): Old Navy;
Skirt: thrifted;
Shoes: gift from Philippines.
How I've worn the dress: here.

I hope you're not too icked out from seeing me style the skirt again in such a short time period. I tend to re-wear certain items when I'm inspired by their possibilities, and I hope this skirt becomes a staple for me.
About five seconds after I got done taking my photos, these women came near me on the path and their unleashed dogs started barking like crazy when they saw me. "I think they're terrified of your tripod," one of the women said, and the smaller of the dogs proceeded to jump around me, paws helter-skelter as I tried to close up the offending tripod's legs. 

For whatever reason, I found it ridiculously hilarious that someone else was watching out for my clothes. Oh Miss Dog Walker, if you only knew how many times I've been clumsy and spilled various things on this skirt, and how many times I've had it dry cleaned, you wouldn't feel so bad about your dog trying to waltz with me.

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  1. I was immediately concerned about your camera when the dogs entered the picture, but I see why she'd get protective over such a crisp, bright, feminine piece of clothing!

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  3. what a cute story! I am often amused by family members, aunts, etc. who also protectively look out for my clothes. They often say, "Oh, but you look so pretty, don't worry about it." Maybe they're just telling me to butt out, though ... hmm.

    That white skirt sure does have so much versatility! Love to see what else you come up with for it :o)

  4. Hee, what a considerate dog owner. And hope that lovely skirt survived!

  5. I'd much prefer that than for the dog to get the skirt dirty (or torn!) and the owner not care! :)

    I love that red on you. And please, remix away! It's good inspiration and I could use some! You look great. :)

  6. Hi look lovely in red....this look is so YOU:0
    Its adorable hunnie!

    Statements in Fashion

  7. I love that you're wearing this skirt again - it looks like it'd be so versatile! I love it with the bright blouse. Such a gorgeous look!

  8. This is an effortlessly beautiful, relaxed look. And I agree with Collette -- red is definitely your color!

    My boyfriend's bulldog always seems to be most affectionate whenever I'm most dressed up. I've had a few extra trips to the cleanrers to remove dog slobber from my dress pants. But I don't mind a bit -- love that dog!

  9. You look so sweet here. I am in love with that skirt. And NO! There is nothing wrong with styling a piece you're really into several times in a week or two. My feeling is we blog about our lives, as they are. We don't have to feel obligated to wear new outfits every day. Work that skirt, girl!

  10. I love this look...very elegant and flirty at the same time!


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