Monday, September 20, 2010

"Mad Men" links: Season 4, Episode 9

"The Beautiful Girls," image via AMC.

Is it just me, or is this season flying by really fast? It might be because of the earlier start date, or maybe because each episode this season has been awesome and full exciting payoffs for longtime viewers. Either way, I really love this season so far and will be so sad in a few episodes when it's over. 

- BuzzSugar has the top 5 Mad Moments from last night's episode.

-Digital Spy has an interview with Jon Hamm, who ruminates on why viewers love to see Don misbehave.

- Basket of Kisses really has become one of my daily reads as they have new, thoughtful posts about the show everyday. Here they reflect on the parallel stories of Joan, Peggy and Faye, as well as the meaning of that "soup" monologue. And related to last week, here are posts ruminating on Joan's misplaced anger, Betty's childish tendencies, the use of the song "Amazing Grace," and a theory about how Betty has become a Scarlett O'Hara figure.

- In case you missed it, Jon Hamm visited "The Daily Show" last week. [via Basket of Kisses]

- On the AMC blog, interviews up with Randee Heller (Miss Blankenship) and Alexa Alemanni (Allison).

- Related to the success of "Mad Men," ABC has ordered a period drama about 1960s Pan-Am pilots and stewardesses. Interesting cross-over guest appearance possibilities...

- EW looks at the inner soundtrack of Don Draper.

- Peter Aspden of the Financial Times claims he's not a "Mad Men" fan, and points out the perceived flaws he sees with the show. Interesting take from the other side.

- Michael Gladis  will be a guest star on "Law & Order: SVU." Come back, Paul Kinsey!

- And finally, Jon Hamm will host "SNL" for a third time! Someone suggested on the Basket of Kisses forums that Don's "Dear Diary" voiceovers would make for a killer skit.

I love you more than French toast laced with rum,

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  1. new to your blog(love) and to madmen(quickly becoming obsessed)so thanks for all of the links to fuel my obsession:)

    the rum drenched pancakes was one of favorite moments from last night.

  2. I love your closing line. that's awesome. :)


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