Friday, September 23, 2011

But that was just a dream, just a dream

 Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal; Jacket: Aeropostale, thrifted; Shoes: Clarks.
Listening to: "Losing My Religion," REM.

It's been a busy couple weeks, but I am trying to keep up with outfit posts.

I've talked a lot about how much this little college town means to me, and how I associate some of its music history is now associated with my personal past. It's hard to walk downtown without hearing the greatest hits of REM, the B-52s and other bands that have played at venues like the Georgia Theater. So when REM announced their breakup earlier this week, a little chapter of this town's history came to a close, and it felt appropriate to visit the Murmur Trestle (site of one of their album covers) and pay my own little homage.

I've been here before -- here are some of my favorite Athens-related posts:

- Murmur: A moment in Athens music history.
- Literal REM: Site of REM's first show.
- I dream of a living jungle: Revisiting the trestle.
- This town: I have often walked down this street before...

What do you find significant and wonderful about your town?

Happy Friday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sketchy sketch

I've always been a doodler in class -- I've found that I recall information a little better if there's a design associated next to it in my notes. Here are my recent  (rough) sketches of my favorite Hitchcock movies. I'm thinking about designating a whole Moleskine notebook for these illustrated daydream moments ...

Happy Friday!

Rhapsody in blue

Dress: Taylor; Sweater: Old Navy; Bracelet: Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI;
Bag: thrifted; Sunglasses: vintage, thrifted; Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri, Target.

Perhaps of my desire for structure during my busy weeks, I think I've been drawn to more simple, utilitarian looks that will help me transition from work to class. Things that are overly ruffly, frilly or jangle-y have taken a backseat to items that are more streamlined in design and color. My usually-shy self tends to pair this blue dress with darker neutrals, but I've been combining it lately with other neon-y, bright separates and accessories. 

Here are some ways I've worn this blue Taylor dress before: 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coupon code - eShakti

eShakti was kind enough to offer Sidewalk Chic readers a discount -- just use "Sidewalk0811" and receive $20 off any eShakti order from now until October 31st. With plenty of dress options under $100, that's a nice deal. 

And if you're interested, here's my review of the pretty maroon dress above.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thoughts from the Sidewalk

From REM's "Oh My Heart," which is a pretty fitting song for the way I feel about my town.  I try to take photos of this spot every time I head this way, and had some fun adding HDR effects to it. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Down by the old main drag

Since summer's winding down, it seemed appropriate to share the last of my photos from my weekend in Destin with Jeremiah's mom and sisters. It'll be a while before I can head off to the ocean again, so I'll have to live vicariously through these memories. Here are all the strange and wonderful things we witnessed by the surf ...

The gladdest thing under the sun

 Dress: c/o eShakti; Purse: vintage, thrifted; 
Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri, Target; Bracelet: from Destin, gift. 

I received this dress from eShakti a few weeks ago and have worn it a couple times already to class and to work. I had the opportunity to try eShakti's custom sizing option for this dress, and when doing so, I was a little apprehensive about putting in my own measurements. I suppose I'm so used to buying things that don't fit well, and having to alter, tuck or just make things work for my body. So when faced with an opportunity to use my own measurements, it felt strange to be so honest. 

I really enjoy having a dress that actually fits me really well, as opposed to one that I'd have to alter. I chose this particular dress, and I love its festive color and floral embroidery. The eShakti line of dresses are a little out of my price range right now as a graduate student, though many wonderful items abound for under $100. As I've mentioned recently, I've adjusted my clothing philosophy and having the desire for more quality items.  For the custom sizing option this company offers, I think it's worth it to spend a little bit more. I'm already saving my pennies for this beautiful design

Have you ever done custom measurements for clothing, and what was your experience? Would you rather spend more for a custom fit, or less and have the item altered or fixed later?

Friday, September 9, 2011

The conspiracies of nature

Blouse: Banana Republic; Shorts: American Eagle; 
Belt: from camp a million years ago; Sandals: Tevas:
Pocket watch (converted as necklace): Waltham; Headband: from Philippines. 

The change in weather coincided with an uptick in academic work, all of which made the goodbye to summer extra cruel last weekend. Summer lingers for a month and a half longer here in the South until well into October, but a shift happened here that I think only Mother Nature knew about herself, and so we're experiencing fall temperatures like everyone else. I wore this outfit last weekend, but now I'm actually breaking out sweaters and jeans, and the experience is a little bewildering.

I had a major project due at the beginning of this week (a 40-minute presentation on Facebook marketing, in case any of you social media-philes were interested), so unfortunately, my poor camera remained neglected for a few days. I'm still trying to figure out balancing my hobbies against my academic life, so that I don't feel like a prisoner breaking free every time I don't have readings or papers.  It's been hard, but I think I've managed a better sleep schedule so I can have more of my beloved sunrise sojourns during the week.

Happy weekend! What are your plans? Football season is beginning its stronghold here in my Georgia town, so I'll be tailgating tomorrow with Jeremiah and my family. Outdoor picnics are always a nice interlude away from the books ...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

DIY: Autumn floral crown

Hair wreaths, floral crowns -- whatever you want to call them, I've been obsessed with making and wearing them this year. While my spring version was based on this tutorial, I've finally figured out an autumn-centric wreath, and here's the DIY below.

But first, a disclaimer: I would not consider myself a crafty person. Organized, perhaps, but definitely not one who sews or knits or sequins things. I simply do not have the patience to sit hunched over these details (though I admire those who can), and I know when I'm out of my depth on things like alterations. So, believe me when I say that I found this incredibly easy and fun to do, and making one takes 30 minutes, and it's an accessory I've found a lot of joy to use (I've worn it to a lot of summer parties).

Now, on we go!:

What to use: wire cutters, floral wire, floral tape and silk flowers or leaves. I found all of my supplies (minus the cutters) at Michael's for under $10. I had an easier time using flowers/leaves that had longer stems because they're easier to wrap with wire and floral tape.

Step 1: Use wire and wrap it around your head to get a good idea of what length you'd like it to be. Cut wire and wrap the end of it by securing it to the wire circle. Because I like a really secure and weighty wreath, I wrap my wire three times before cutting.

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