Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My closet MVPs

I always talk about remixing more clothing pieces in my closet, but there are certain items that always seem to do the heavy lifting by acting as the foundation or supporting player in an outfit. Here are my most used items, and why I consider them important:


 Thrifted Donna Ricco dress
 This category was hard to compile, because of my much-documented dress obsession. But since I found this dress this summer, it's worked for many different occasions, including birthday parties and trivia dinners. I love the muted color palette and print and how it can transition with the seasons.

Ann Taylor Loft purple printed dress
 Another well-worn favorite, for the same reasons as the dress above. I scored it for about $10 on final sale. The purple has worked really well with the other items in my closet.

Thrifted Arpeja dress
When I bought this dress in February, I knew I had to have it (it was $3 at the Salvation Army), but I struggled at first with styling it and not knowing how to temper its loud print. Somehow, I've managed to wear it many different ways during the seasons, and have layered it with sweaters and a skirt. Some of my favorite outfits have included this dress, and I've decided to just let its ruffles be.


 Ruffled sweater from Ann Taylor Loft
 This was a Christmas gift. I spent so much time wearing it during winter and spring, and I don't expect that to change this fall. The detailing is romantic enough to wear with some of my floaty dresses, and it adds a sweet touch to some of the more neutral ones. I also love that it looks cute with a belt!

Brown sweater from Target

 Another cold weather staple. This wool sweater (from the Merona Collection, around $30) really has helped make some of my summer dresses wearable during the fall and winter. I usually do not have that much luck at bargain stores like Target, but I've been really happy that this has held up.

Target Kady cognac boots
These were a purchase from last fall, and it's surprising how long these $30 boots have held up. Despite being a bargain deal, their neutral brown color has gone with everything, and have helped transition some of my floatier dresses to fall.

Shoes, gift from the Philippines
These were a souvenir from my mom and sister's trip earlier this summer. I have worn them almost nonstop since receiving them. I love the neutral color and the fact that they are slim enough to fit my narrow feet (most flats are too wide for me). In fact, I've held off wearing these recently because I need to get them resoled!


LOFT red belt

I think I resort to this belt the most because it's the only one I have that fits at my waist the best. It doesn't have notches in it like a normal belt, but it cinches as tight as I want it to. Plus, it adds a pop of color around my waist, which is especially helpful in an otherwise neutral outfit.

In compiling this list, I've found that Ann Taylor Loft and Target were my most used brands. I don't always shop there, but it seems like I can find reliable staples from those stores.

What are your closet MVPs?

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  1. I always turn to a longer black cardigan I got at Old Navy almost two years ago - it's insanely comfortable and perfect over skinny jeans or a summer dress (in winter).

    Also, I just got them two weeks ago, but I envision LIVING in my black Gap skinny stretch pants. So perfect for fall and winter.

    Off the top of my head, those are the two I came up with. I also love my cognac Kady boots, and I can't wait to get them from my parents' basement next weekend. My winter wardrobe staples include those boots, black tights and the aforementioned cardigan - I put everything together w/ a random dress and am good to go.

  2. These are great MVP's! Good idea for a post! XOXO, Natalya

  3. Just saw the update for UPS! Yay! Sorry for the stress and the trouble!

    I am soo looking forward to it, sorry MIA again me!

  4. You have a great line up of dresses there, Joann. I am also collecting dresses but I don't wear them because they look so pretty and I always think they can't pass off as corporate clothes :(

    Your beauty reminds me of Liv Tyler's. You have a timeless beauty my dear :)

  5. i love all of your MVPs. in fact, your target boots are some of my favorites (weird that i have favorites in YOUR closet???) and every time i see them, i can't believe they're target boots. they always look smashing and way more expensive.

  6. I love your ruffled cardigan and all of your dresses are so unique and pretty!

  7. You look great hunnie...LOVE the leopard look!!!!!

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  8. Great pieces! I have this one black skirt from forever 21 that is pleated and of surprisingly nice quality, perfect length, too, that I can turn to whenever I need something that's cute quick! :)

  9. I love the ATL cardi and the brown boots! I'm so glad you're getting a lot of wear out of your items.. .That's what they're for!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  10. I love those first two dresses! I can definitely see why they are MVPs. I love clothes that can be remixed in tons of different ways. Those are always the pieces that are worth your money.


  11. I arrived to your blog via Sal.What a nice blog you have .Real life clothes for real life women.have a nice day and keep on.

  12. Hi there, I think we've got the same ballerina flats:

    Hope you don't mind :)


  13. You do have some really fantastic pieces in your closet worthy of the MVP award! That ruffle cardi is fab, as are each of these dresses.

    Some of mine are my NY&Co. Yellow Cardi, my Rabbit Rabbit purple print dress, my grey Target dress, my thrifted J. Crew red pencil skirt, and my Fluevog Bondgirls.

  14. My MVPs are an ivory cropped sweater that I wear constantly during the summer and a tortoise shell be.t. I am not sure what I will do once it's time to replace the sweater (hopefully I still have many years yet, becuase it took me almost 6 months to find it!). And before I started expanding my belt collection, I loved the tortoise shell belt becuause it worked with black, blue, and brown based outfits.


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