Monday, September 6, 2010

"Mad Men" links: Season 4, Episode 7

"The Suitcase," image via AMC.

This was one of my favorite episodes ever in the entire series. It contained a lot of plot points that referred to past seasons, so it was like little gifts to longtime viewers. Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss did some excellent acting, even more so considering the episode relied heavily on just both of them. I hope they both end up submitting this one for next year's Emmy considerations.

- Recap it to me: Check out ones from Entertainment Weekly, Baltimore Sun, Slate, Wall Street Journal, Tom & Lorenzo, TV Over Mind.

- NY Magazine asks if this may have been the best episode of the series. (I would contend it's up there with "Babylon," "Guy Walks into An Advertising Agency" and "Shut the Door. Have a Seat," which are my personal favorites)

- Basket of Kisses dissects that last exchange between Don and Peggy.

- Lots of interesting discussion in the "Television Without Pity" forums about this episode, specifically the parallels with the pilot episode and just how much info Don is dropping about his past life.

- So it looks like that Dr. Lyle Evans reference from earlier in the season has finally been explained in "The Suitcase." 

- Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) and his wife welcomed a baby boy last week. Congrats!

- Check out Rolling Stones' behind-the-scenes photos from the set. So strange to see our 1960s characters among current technology.

- Basket of Kisses does a gender analysis of "The Suitcase," including the diner scene confessionals and office confrontations.

- Unlikely Words not only does recaps, but also includes illustrations based off episode quotes. Beautiful.

- From madmen_tv, an interesting take on Pete's attitude toward race and class issues.

- And finally, if you need advice, turn to What Would Don Draper Do? , What Would Roger Do? and What Would Pete Campbell Do?  A tidbit from Don: "Smile, straighten your cuffs and punch him in the face."


  1. You should check out the Speakeasy blog by the Wall Street Journal. They do a "conversation" about each episode that feed my inner English-major need for literary criticism.

  2. I loved last night's episode, and can't believe that I just started following the deeper discussion behind the show. Thanks for the great links every week, Joanne.


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