Thursday, September 30, 2010

The month of September in outfits

This might have been my favorite month photographically. I'm challenging myself next month to come up with more outfit combinations and other new places for photos.

In September, I:

- Dressed down a silk dress with an anorak.
- Abandoned an old photo location.
- Made gingham work for fall weather.
- Answered your questions.
- Did some pattern mixing in dark colors.
- Celebrated Labor Day.
- Dressed like a Crayola box.
- Started a new job.
- Made plaid look sweet.
- Had my first guest blogger, Marilou.
- Played around in a prairie frock.
- Wore some lace.
- Make that leather, too.
- Watched the sunrise.
- Got lost.
- Bought a new camera.

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  1. I do love that leather skirt on you. So unexpected in amongst your dresses yet you wear it sooo well. Hope to see it remixed soon :)

  2. These pictures are great. I love how great outdoorsy you got. That leather skirt is take your breath away hot on you too!

  3. Wow when you see the whole list you accomplished a lot this month! I doubt I did anything that adventurous but you've inspired me :)

  4. I love the locations you find to take your pictures in. It's fun to look at all the pictures from the month, there's such a range in your outfits, you have such great style. I also desperately want that leather skirt, red dress, and blue dress!

  5. You have THE most beautiful dresses! i love the amazing range of prints!

  6. I love your last look, Joann! I love the combination of clothes you put on! Layering in the philippines is just not feasible hehe too hot for the tropics :D

  7. Great outfits altogether; especially the red dress is stunning! Wish I had such great outdoor locations, too... I always end up in one of the same two spots!


  8. aww,u really close this month with a beautiful moments and outfit!
    i love ur photos..


  9. Beautiful pictures!!! :)

  10. so many gorgeous photos here! i think my fav is the one with the plaid shirt and leather skirt. it's such an unexpected combo. ~joelle

  11. I love, love that blue flower dress. So precious. I love your style so much.


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