Monday, September 13, 2010

"Mad Men" links: Season 4, Episode 8

"The Summer Man," image via AMC.

Sorry these are getting posted so late tonight -- I had some problems with Blogger earlier. Anyway, on to Episode 8!

- Recappin' it through the eyes of Jezebel, Slate, Gawker, Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times, Entertainment Weekly , NY Magazine, Tom & Lorenzo and Television without Pity.

-Basket of Kisses has a plethora of good posts: The significance of Faye's date outfit, sexist jokes in the workplace and how the summertime makes Don's recovery seem short-lived. And related to last week's episode, here's a take on how Don and Peggy's relationship mirrors religious imagery.

- ABC News takes a look at shows that tackle alcoholism.

- On the AMC blog,  Christina Hendricks talks about Season 4, and how Joan's coping with changes in the new office.

- As usual, a spot-on style analysis of "The Suitcase" episode by Tom & Lorenzo.

- Alison Brie, aka Trudy Campbell (and Annie from "Community"!) talks "Mad Men" at New York Fashion Week.

- "Mad Men" in the movies: here's January Jones on the set of her new movie, "X-Men: First Class." Jon Hamm's movie, "The Town," premiered in Toronto earlier this week.

- Roger and politics: John Slattery endorses a college friend for attorney general.

- And finally, some fun graphics for you: How to Mix a Don Draper and the Sad Don Draper tumblog. [via Basket of Kisses]

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