Monday, September 13, 2010

Floral swans

Dress: Suzy Chin;
Sweater: Old Navy, from Marilou;
Belt: LOFT;
Shoes: gift from Mom, from Philippines;
Swan brooch: thrifted.
How I've worn the dress before: here.

Such a busy Sunday! I spent some of the afternoon catching up on errands and chores, and then spent the other half trying to thrift and find new photo locations, so it was an exhausting but fulfilling day. A lot of the thrift stores around town were closed because it was Sunday, but I did get some time exploring some of the vintage boutiques downtown. Didn't find anything, but I'm hopeful. I'm actually looking for some items to decorate our apartment. We've got a bit of a working theme going on with our living room that revolves around travel.

I went to the state botanical gardens to try to find some new photo locations. The gardens are only a few miles from my home, so it's a pretty convenient drive -- and it's scenic too. I drove by tons of farms and railroads, so those are always future options for photos. Apparently Sundays are not that great of a day to go to the gardens because there were so many people there for a wedding and a sorority pledge party. I did find a secluded area called the shade garden, which is where most of these photos were taken. I must have walked three miles or so in search of the rose garden, but to no avail. 

Marilou of Twenty York Street and I did a clothing swap recently, so in the next few weeks we'll be styling up each other's clothes and you'll get to see our takes with the pieces. M was sweet enough to surprise me with some really pretty new items, too. This is my take on the gray sweater she sent me -- I loved pairing it with my floral dress, and I really like how the grays from each piece play against each other. It seemed like a casual-enough outfit to wear to the botanical gardens.

I also decided to debut a new-to-the-blog brooch, a pretty swan I found a few weeks ago. I haven't quite figured out what to name her -- any suggestions?

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  1. I so admire this bold pattern mix. I still feel chicken about doing big florals with stripes, but it looks AMAZING on you, lady!

  2. What a pretty combo with the stripes and floral - nice pattern mixing!

  3. i love the brooch! and as for names.... oh, i don't know! i can't say i've ever named a swan before :p

  4. Hi Joann! I didn't know you are partly a Filipina :)

    I really adore the clothes you put on together :) I'll learn the talent of mix and matching soon. You are so cute! :-*

  5. And where in the Philippines did your mom bought those shoes??? :)

  6. I love the stripes and floral combination, it looks great on you!

  7. I love the pattern mixing! You look so classic and yet so modern at the same time.

    Isn't Marilou the sweetest?! I can't wait to see more posts with the swapped clothes!

  8. I agree, I love that cardi on you and the mix pattern condo is brilliant. Eck, now I have to think on how to style mine. I don't want to look like a total cheap copy-cat!

    Aww Mel! That is a very nice comment! Big hugs to you Pretty Woman!

    So glad you started on our swap project J, okay, let's name it!

  9. lovely brooch!
    it's so vintage.. love it!

    your stripes and floral combo is also cute
    you look adorable yet comfy

    pretty scenery!


  10. HI Joann, you little sweet thing:)
    This outfit is the striped cardi with the awesome belt...and of course the florals in the dress.....That brooch looks SOOOO similiar to a post Im doing later this week...:)
    Love it!

    Statements in Fashion

  11. Um, for some reason I looked at the swan and said Wilma. Do with it what you will. :)

    Definitely loving the stripes and florals!

  12. Your pattern mixing is spectacular! I hope you find the rose garden someday, but at least the 3miles of walking was pretty.

  13. I really like the stripes with the floral.
    BTW, I just added you to my blog roll :)

  14. oh nice brooch!! its great that you find places to take pics, I try to find unique places as background for my pictures as well. I think it's as important as your outfit :D

  15. Ah, pattern layering PERFECTION.

  16. I love the way you paired the bright floral with the striped cardigan! And that brooch is so pretty. Great look.


  17. I love the pattern mixing here! Gorgeous combo!

    What about Odette, the name of the good swan in Tchaikovsky's ballet?

  18. oh, I really like the stripes with the floral! how fun!

  19. What a beautiful brooch. The pattern on it reminds me of a tiffany lamp. Is Louis (for Louis Tiffany) too weird of a name for a swan?

    These pictures are beautiful. I think your hunt for photoshoot locations was definitely worthwhile.


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