Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Questions and answers

I just wanted to extend a warm welcome to my newest readers, and a thank you for everyone who reads Sidewalk Chalk. I've had a few questions come up in e-mails and comments about me and the blog, and I thought it would be easier to answer them here. Enjoy!

1) How did you come up with the name Sidewalk Chalk? When I started the blog with my younger sister Nikki (almost a year ago!) we decided to make it a place not only for our outfits, but a place where we could indulge in our childhood favorites. The name was inspired from the movie "Mary Poppins," particularly the scenes in which Bert's chalk drawings come to life. We wanted our blog to be a place of inspiration and escape. My sister left Sidewalk Chalk in February of this year as she got busier with school, so the blog has been under my direction since then.

2) Who takes your pictures? They're beautiful. Thank you! I actually take them all myself now. Jeremiah took all my photos until about June of this year, and then I started to get more involved with photography as his schedule got busier. It's been a fulfilling exercise, though, and I've really loved learning more about techniques and stuff. Jeremiah sometimes takes my photos, and I usually note which posts those are. I use a Kodak v1073 for all photos.

3) What ethnicity are you, if you don't mind me asking? I hope this doesn't offend you. I'm not offended because I get asked all the time, and people try to guess all the time! I'm half-Filipino (through my mom), and half Irish-Scottish-French (through my dad). I was born in the Philippines, and because of my dad's military career during my early years, we moved around the Philippines and the States (specifically, California, Alaska, Alabama). We settled into north-metro Georgia when I was nine.

4) How do you style your hair to stay voluminous? My hair is naturally thick, and over the years it's thinned a little from stress, so volume has been really important to me. I recently got a shaggy cut with lots of layers and angled bangs, so that has helped with keeping my hair poofy. I have two routines that I do:
a) I either don't use styling products and I only wash my hair every other day;
b) If I decide to use styling products (like mousse and hairspray), I wash my hair everyday.
On days that I style it, I use Tresemme's Healthy Volume shampoo and conditioner. After the shower, I apply Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Frizz Control and I put it on while my hair is still damp, and it controls flyaways. I also apply Redken Touch Control 05, which is a mousse that adds lots of volume. I just use a dime-size amount around the crown of my head. When I'm blow drying, I use Aussie Sprunch Catch the Wave Hair Spray. I apply it to the under side of my hair and brush it and it helps my lower layers stay voluminous as well. Hope this helps!

As always, if you're interested in learning more about me or the blog, you can always e-mail me!

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- Photo from this Sidewalk Chalk outfit post.


  1. It is always so nice to see fellow Filipino like you here! Oh nice photos, Joann. I really need to buy them tripod, BADLY!

  2. I was super excited to see the hair question, b/c I always love the way your hair looks! Thanks for sharing, it's always fun to learn a little extra about bloggers :)

  3. Great answers was nice learning more about you, and as look great!!

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  4. Its always fun learning more about the people behind the blogs :) Thank you for sharing!!!

  5. great blog, sweetheart - really liked the Q&A

  6. Hi I love your whole dress project posts and love how you seem to wear skirts/dresses alot. I'm really trying to do that but with little kids it is a bit tricky!
    You have a great style and your location is amazing!

  7. Love this Q&A! :D

    I was born in the Philippines too. We moved to Hawaii when I was three. I hope to go back one day to visit (my parents go every couple of years). It would be great to see my motherland. :)

    xx Love & Aloha


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