Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Muscle memory

I've been in New York for the last three weekends for job and research stuff, but now that my media research project is over, I have much more free time! I'm looking forward to enjoying my last month in town before I move up North. 

So I've been resorting to the same uniform of sorts for the last couple weeks -- dress, sweater, tights, and out the door. I haven't really worn my brooches in the last year or so, but I've been revisiting them as kind of "good luck" talismans I wear throughout the day. I bought this leaf a few years ago before I graduated from my undergrad years -- it seems appropriate now to rewear it while my life is in transition!

It's been very cold down here that my tripod has been freezing in place. I'm so happy to play around with my photography more now that my time is more open. 

credits - dress: loft | sweater: talbots | coat: h&m, thrift find | boots: tj maxx | brooch: vintage, from finder's keepers. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grand Central

I went to New York last week for spring break to visit Jeremiah, go to some meetings and work on a giant research project. While I was there, I had to shoot some video footage around the city for my project, so we went to Grand Central. Jeremiah lives in the city now, but had never been! We spent some time wandering around and staring at the beautiful constellation mural on the ceiling. I love old architecture in New York, and learning about the stories behind building development. Growing up in suburban Georgia, most buildings have been built in the last 40 years, so it's cool to visit cities that have more  remnants of their historical background. When I move up to the city, I'll be checking out a few more places I've found on Scouting NY and capturing these details with my own camera. 

I wore this dress multiple times during the week for my meetups -- it's such a great staple. 

credits: dress- loft | blouse- vintage, thrifted | boots, tights: tj maxx | bag: stone mountain, thrifted.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gather ye rosebuds

I've been in a floral crown kinda mood lately. I bought some more floral tape and wire at Michael's a few weeks ago and have just been making a bunch for spring.  I'm not a cold weather person at all, and so working on a craft so associated with summer helps lift my mood. Though it's not quite time to wear them yet because it's so cold, here are just a few looks of mine in the past that have incorporated floral crowns ... 

Monday, March 4, 2013


It's still miserably cold here in Georgia, and I've been favoring more pants this winter than usual. Something about pulling on extra-warm wool tights in the dead of winter just feels really tiring to me. I'm excited there have been more patterned pants the last few seasons — I'm slowly trying to experiment with different styles. 

I've been watching a lot of old movies recently, and have been really digging Katharine Hepburn's minimalist style — all strong shoulders and neckties. Not sure if she'd be a fan of bright-colored bowties, but here is my sartorial homage to her. I'm in the middle of comprehensive exams and a giant media research project, so feeling dapper in dress makes me feel less stressed than usual.

credits - coat: michael kors | blouse: lei | button-up: vintage, thrifted | pants, shoes: talbots | bowtie: vintage, from agora in athens, ga. 
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