Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I wore...when I was seven

It's been raining a lot outside, so opportunities for outfit photos have drastically diminished. I thought I'd share with you a recent find -- the only photographic evidence of my favorite childhood clothing item: my pink and turquoise tennis shoes.

I remember these shoes being a total dream. They were pink, purple and turquoise; Velcro-ed, zipped and laced; had shoelaces that changed colors in the sun; and lit up whenever I took a step. They were a conversation starter in my second grade class, and I remember I always won the race of who-can-take-their-shoes-off-the-fastest (I don't know why that was a particular game in my class, but whatever, I was the champion). I loved them, and I kept the shoes long after I had outgrown them, before their ratty conditions forced them to be thrown out.

I love these photos because I look really happy at the fair -- who doesn't like to be reminded of a cheerful memory? But they also provide some insight into my current style preferences, such as pattern mixing and bright colors. And it looks like even back then, I matched my surroundings (though not on purpose when I was younger) -- in the first photo, those shoes couldn't have matched that carousel horse any better...

Did you have a favorite childhood clothing item? Do you still own it? Do your past clothing choices affect your current style tastes? Share!

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  1. Awwww Joann.....you look super cute...and happy:)
    Alot like today doll!
    Hope the camera is getting better for you!

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  2. I had a ruffled-bottom, balloon-and-star-print top that my mom sewed for me that I wore with blue stirrup pants. It was absolutely my favorite thing to wear.

  3. Aw, so cute!

    I remember I had a pair of black jelly shoes with rhinestones that I loved.


    In second grade I had a purple and green outfit - stirrup pants and a long-sleeved shirt with a skirted waist - that was patterned with BRIGHT LIME GREEN hearts outlined in gold puff paint. And I had a gold belt to go with, with a heart-shaped buckle. And my Beauty and the Beast shoes. And a lime green headband.

    I was stylin'! :-P

    (1993 - R.I.P.)

  5. nicee, so funny to dig into ur album photos from ur childhood and remmeber wht u used to do when a kid and all that stuff. I have too much fun when i do that :D


  6. Yup! Tonnes of cringe-worthy fashion items that I thought were soo cool!

    Love these childhood photos! This is actually in line wd another project I had in mind...

    Miss ya!



  7. It seems like we all went through the straight bangs aka Suri bangs! haha!!

    My fave dress was my polka dot rompers, I think I worn it thrice a week haha

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this bit of your childhood! You look so joyful and happy in this photo -- such a cutie!

    I had a lavender dress with ducks on it that I insisted I wear every week to church when I was 4. One week it wasn't clean and I apparently refused to leave the house!


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