Friday, September 3, 2010

Bright, sunshine-y day

Dress: Arpeja, vintage, thrifted;
Sweater: Old Navy;
Red belt: Ann Taylor Loft;
Shoes: gift, from Philippines.
How I've worn the dress: here.

Exciting day! The lovely and kind Marilou over at Twenty York Street has an interview up featuring yours truly -- in fact, I think it's my first full interview ever, so yay! Learn more about why I dressed up as Scarlett O'Hara in elementary school, and what I consider my favorite pair of shoes. And while you're there, sit back and enjoy Twenty York Street, too. Marilou's got the killer combination of mad style and a witty writing voice. Through the incredible world of blogging, we've become friends and we have a few ideas up our sleeves that we can't wait to show you soon...

So, I kinda just threw this outfit on to run some errands yesterday, and it's exactly how I'd imagine I'd look like if a Crayola box exploded on me. Lots and lots of brights going on here. The striped sweater is actually more neon-colored in real life, but combined with the dress, it turns into a neutral piece.

This is one of those outfits where it seems wild in theory and I wondered what a middle-aged version of myself would think --- would I smile at the fact that I was daring, or cringe in the way that you grimace at old yearbook photos? I hope I'm more adventurous when I'm older and that this outfit will just be one of those stepping stones, where I look back and say: "This was the day I started to really dress for myself."

Happy Friday!

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  1. I love this combination. I am definitely siding with the look-back-and-smile when you're 50.

  2. It's such a fun take on florals and stripes!

  3. Hello there...just saw you featured on 20York Street.....LOVE your blog, Im your newest follower:)

  4. J, I knew I wanted you to be my first featured interview and that its going to be a fantastic piece and I was right!

    You are smart as you are beautiful and stylish! I can't wait to have you guest blog next week!

    Merci encore ma belle!



  5. Ah, you're so good at mixing different patterns and color palettes. I never thought florals and stripes could look so good together! You just gained a new follower ;D


  6. I love your take on the Old Navy cardigan. I would never have thought to combine these colors.

    And your Black Magic outfit is simply stunning. I love it!

  7. Joanne, as soon as I opened up the page, I loved this outfit. It is fab. You will never think otherwise. :)

  8. and what a lovely crayola box explosion! love the dress (:

  9. I hope that I view myself that same way when I look back at this first year of my blog.

    I love the subtle pattern mixing with the striped cardigan and floral dress. You look beautiful as always!

  10. Love the dress! Even if it is a little exploding-crayola-ish, I think you really balanced it out with the sweater.

    Also, I can't believe that beautiful landscape is near you... California is dry, dead and uuuugly this time I year -- I always forget that other parts of the country are lush and ridiculously beautiful. Makes me miss the east!

  11. Hi. found you over at Marilou's!!

  12. Thanks for your comment! I seriously feel like he and I have a relationship like all the married bloggers have with their husbands! (crazy)

    And is it just me, or do you seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer lady? Ow Ow!

  13. Just read your interview, which was as super fun as your outfit today! Thanks for sharing :)


  15. I like that you are willing to go with the bold color and pattern combinations now -- worry about what your future self will think when you get there ;)

    Chic on the Cheap

  16. I kind of love this bold combination. Somehow it still totally fits your style and personality; so cute!

  17. I like your outfit, but I also can't get past the scenery behind you - it' absolutely gorgeous!

  18. Oh my god you look soo lovely. Wow where do you live, those trees are so stunning and for some reason really compliment your outfit!
    You are so talented in the colour mixture, in making it all work so well!


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