Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bethesda Arcade

 I have a confession to make -- I've been somewhat gun-shy of taking my own photos in the city, for a whole slew of reasons: pedestrian traffic, little to no privacy, my tripod getting knocked down, getting ticketed for not having a photography permit in the park (technically if you're a non-commercial photographer, you don't need a permit, but I've heard of it happening enough times to hobby photographers to dissuade me). But the weather's been nice, and I've been inspired by so many portraiture projects that I've been itching to play with my camera again and new Gorillapod. After months of not taking any photos, I'm really quite rusty with the new Gorillapod setup and having to remember all the settings on my camera. So these were the best of the bunch on a morning walk through the Bethesda arcade and fountain in Central Park. The arcade area is often used as a filming location for television and movies, so this felt like a personal triumph being able to compose these shots on my own. My favorite time though had to be walking home. I don't think there's anything nicer than walking home through Central Park in the early morning, crunching on leaves and watching the sun come up.

I got this dress in London at Primark for a steal, and it's been on a few tourist adventures with me already (namely, a solo bus tour I took to Stonehenge, Oxford, and Windsor Palace). It's got a roomy waist, so it's a perfect eating dress, and with a blazer it can be dressed up for a casual Friday.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014


- I've long been a fan of Evan Leavitt's atmospheric Southern photography.
Time is a Flat Circus: What the world needs: a mashup of True Detective and Family Circus.
- Blogs I'm perusing lately: Dreams and Jeans, Rosapina Vintage,De Lune.
- In love with the photos for Dear Creatures' autumn line.
- Daily reading rituals that can help make you more productive.
- Dirty old 1970s New York.
- Making and keeping friends past college. 
- Creative ways to photograph new locations.

(photo by me, at Westminster Abbey earlier this year)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Out in the grey streets of London

Some highlights from this past trip in June include St.Paul's, Antony&Cleopatra at the Globe, Westminster Abbey services in the Shrine of St. Edward's, Hyde Park, Portobello Road, the War Rooms and the Sherlock Holmes Museum (so cheesy and full of bespoke mannequins, but loved it). Jeremiah and I also spent a couple days in Oxford and explored around Christchurch (where those epic dining hall scenes were filmed for Harry Potter), Trinity (where Jeremiah did his study abroad), and a few of the pubs that are hundreds of years old. I really can't wait to explore this city again.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


So I realize that I've sat on these photos for almost a year, and am now presenting them in non-chronological order. Not sure why it took so long. Perhaps it was knowing  that once I hit publish, I no longer have any photos left to share from my favorite spots in Georgia! I love living up here, but I do get homesick every now and then for my old haunts. But alas, in order to move forward, I'd like to empty whatever's left in my archives and move on. 

This first dress was a dream vintage find from Portobello market in London. It is a World War II-era dirndl dress from Munich, Germany, complete with (what appears to be) a homemade tag dating it to 1944. It's become a treasured item and I love that it's not overly costumey with its heavy cotton and tiny buttons down the front. I wore it down to Georgia during a trip last October to Athens, and took photos in one of my favorite spots at the University of Georgia -- the Fine Arts theater, which was built in 1941 and was the last project to be built by the WPA.
So though it took more than 70 years and thousands of miles for these two to meet, it seemed completely fitting to wear this dress in front of a building from the very same era. I wonder how many women have owned this dress before me, and what kind of lives they led. I'd love to go full period-style and wear my hair in a soft wave and hat with this dress at some point.

This second dress is also from London, but its origins are much more contemporary (Topshop). I'm really kind of in love with white dresses with dark flowers or embroidery for autumn. The print on this dress kind of reminds me of those mushroom cookie jars that everyone's mom seemed to have in the 90s, so it seemed appropriate to wear a mushroom brooch with it.

The cloud cover on this day was beautiful. It was from the same trip to Georgia last October to visit my family.

Not much to say about this thrifted vintage dress, except that I've had it for years and finally got it altered. It's one of those dresses that's awesome when you're just laying around the house and eating potato chips and don't actually have to answer the door, but is super terrible to be photographed in without a belt because it gives the illusion that you're a circus tent.

I've technically posted this outfit before  - I think I was just too critical in how these photos turned out. 

These photos are from the weekend I moved to NYC, and so this was the only presentable outfit I had not packed away in boxes. I snuck away that Friday morning from packing the Uhaul to take some photos as a farewell ritual to visiting my favorite park. For whatever reason, the blue heron that lived around the park would only be out in the open when there was really spectacular natural light, so it always felt like a good photography omen when I'd round the bend and it was there. And it was there that day, for about 30 seconds -- before it flew off across the lake and somewhere unseen into the grass. It was a nice, brief farewell visit before I went my own way too.

And so, goodbye to all that -- onto new adventures up north.

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