Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The month of January in outfits

Back to life, back to reality in January as the winter holidays ended. In the last month, I:

- Channeled Laura Ingalls.
- Wore a long blazer and felt like a secret agent.
- Stepped outside my comfort zone, both sartorially and photographically.
- Punked up some prairie duds.
- Got snowed in!
- Shared a thought from the sidewalk, courtesy of Marmee March.
- Created an easy DIY jewelry display.
- Braved the snow and ice to see frozen lakes and tracks.
- Celebrated a birthday.
- Danced around in a 1950s blue confection of a frock.
- Pondered safety in self-photography and shared some tips.
- Earned my stripes.
- Paid tribute to REM's Murmur trestle.
- Got sketched by My Closet in Sketches, and featured as well in Orchids in Buttonholes, and Justice Pirate. (Thank you!)
- Reminisced about what my 13-year-old goth-ish self would think was cool.
- Said nothing.

What are you looking forward to most in February?

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