Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whose woods these are I think I know

 Sweater: Faded Glory; Dress: Suzy Chin; 
Boots, tights: Target; Belt: Loft; Coat: Club Monaco, thrifted;
Necklace: Enbeadia, Selective Potential giveaway;
Jade bracelet: Finder's Keepers store, vintage.

Sometimes I question my own sanity when I do these photoshoots. There have been too many times where I've dangled my tripod precariously over bodies of water, or have come close to trespassing property lines to get certain shots. 

Saturday's photos took it to another level, though. I knew I wanted to go to my normal photo spot, and thought that because most of the snow around town was already melting, that I could capture some of the contrasts of snow/bare ground in my photos. I was wrong, though: because there was very little foot traffic through the park throughout the week, it was still blanketed in snow and ice.

There were more than a few new obstacles: the crisp 15 degree weather, the closed-off road to the park (I had to hike a little), the fact that the walking path through the woods was completely frozen over (and required walking through the actual woods to prevent injuries -- I only fell once). But it was worth it to see the frozen world, and I had fun pushing myself to keep taking photos of everything. My favorite part was the frozen lake, and the fact that I could take a jewelry photo on it.

I wasn't the only person undeterred by the closed road and weather. Several runners were doing their daily runs on some of the paths, and I was in awe. They ran on the frozen trails  energetically and forcefully, and without any fear of falling.

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