Monday, January 24, 2011

Powder the sky

Dress: vintage, from Minx; Sweater, belt, boots: LOFT;
Tights: Target; Necklace chain: Banana Republic.

This dress was one of the presents I picked out with some birthday money (thanks to Jeremiah's parents). It's a 1950s satin dress with a blue lace overlay, and it looks to be handmade. Though I don't go for pastel colors often, I really like the muted color palette in this dress -- almost as if it had been recently discovered in an attic trunk. Though the color does look a lot like my little teddy bear -- I wonder if Sprinkle is starting to have an influence over my style? I'm hoping to wear this dress to some special occasions later this year.

I wore this to work Friday, and it's probably the most dressed up I've ever been to a job. My job is really laid-back so no one really cares about dress code, so I did feel somewhat silly getting all dolled up to sit at a computer for a few hours. Definitely not a practical frock, but dressing in very feminine pieces makes me feel more confident about myself and walk with some jazzy energy in my step. The frilly skirt inspired me to listen to West Side Story's "Mambo" on my iPod and it took all of my willpower to not happily dance at the bus stop like some weirdo.

I decided to try a new photo spot in the woods on Friday, partly because standing near the water was unbearably cold, though I liked how I matched my surroundings in those shots.

What have been some of your favorite birthday presents over the years?

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