Monday, January 3, 2011

On the banks of Plum Creek

 Dress: thrifted, possibly vintage, homemade; 
Belt: BR, from Marilou; Boots: Target;
Rose bracelet: vintage, gift from my sister;
Rock bracelets: from Mexico, gift from Jessica.

It's been so long since I've taken daily outfit photos, I feel like a stranger around these parts. Let me re-introduce myself. Hi, I'm JoAnn. I like blogging, Old Hollywood movies and peppermint ice cream. I'm a Capricorn with a penchant for Libran scarves. And sometimes I dress up like an extra on Little House on the Prairie.

It was unusually warm this weekend, so I took advantage of the nice weather by wearing boots (with no tights) and this newly-thrifted candystriper prairie dress. It's made of a sack-like cotton material and has rows of buttons on the sleeves and the chest area, and it looks to be homemade. Because it has no tag, I'm having a hard time placing what time period it's from, though it could have been a recent art project or something. It would be fun to wear with a petticoat underneath because of how much the skirt billows out.

How was your holiday? Jeremiah and I spent the last few days away visiting family and friends. I'm slowly getting back into the routine of things after my gluttonous week, and I'm back to work on Tuesday. So much happened that for posterity's sake, I feel like listing some of it (again, Capricorn here).

During vacation, I:

- Celebrated my sister's birthday and my parents' anniversary;
- Watched a ridiculous amount of television dvds (mostly "Community" and "Glee") and saw "Black Swan" (which was grotesque and outstanding, and I'm still having nightmares over some of the scenes);
-  Thrift-shopped a little bit;
- Got a haircut, though it's so similar to my last one I'm thinking of chopping some more of my hair off;
- Was ridiculously spoiled by family with gifts and food. I'm grateful for all of it.

I am really excited about getting back to blogging. The break has helped me relax and kind of take a step back from the blog and photography, and made me realize some of the things I'd like to do. Starting next week, I'll be rolling out some new ideas and features that will help shape a blog schedule for Sidewalk Chic -- I am really excited and I hope you'll enjoy them. 

How was your break? How are you surviving the winter doldrums?


  1. That rose bracelet is very pretty! Love it! My break is so far great and I'm still having my break including not posting my outfits but instead blog-hopping to pretty outfit sites like yours :)

  2. The stripey dress is darling. :)

    I beat the winter doldrums by planning out our next holidays. We get our holiday allocation back Jan 1 so I start dreaming about the vacations to come as soon as the new year starts. Is that wrong? :)

  3. Yay Capricorns!

    Welcome back, and adore the stripey dress.

  4. Welcome back! What a fun dress. Happy new year!!

  5. I love the carved bracelet in the second picture, what a great piece! And of course your dress is lovely.

    I can't wait to see what changes you come up with for your blog... here's to a great new year!

  6. First outfit post of the new year? You look fabulous! I love when you pose by the water, I am always jealous and want to be there too!

  7. I love that striped dress! I really love how it is vertically striped. And those bracelets are amazing!!

    Can't wait to see what's ahead for Sidewalk Chic! One of my new fav reads :)

    Small Time Style

  8. Sounds like an amazing vacation! "Black Swan" is on the top of my must-see list. Love the dress, too!

    Random question: How do you e-mail your reply to commenters? I love the personal responses you send out and would like to do the same, but I can't seem to figure it out.

    Glad you had a nice break!

  9. Joann, I love your blog! I've been following it for a couple of weeks, and I have to say, you thrift the most amazing clothes! Where do you go and how do you manage such great finds?

  10. Joann, I love your blog! I've been following it for a couple of weeks, and I have to say, you thrift the most amazing clothes! Where do you go and how do you manage such great finds?

  11. Man, I need to go thrifting more often b/c I totally want to look like I'm on LHotP too. The stripes are so great on this dress!!

    Happy to have you back :)

  12. @Min I mostly shop at Salvation Army for my vintage finds -- the one in my old hometown is not too picked over. Occasionally, I'll go to vintage boutiques, but they tend to be overpriced sometimes. :)

  13. I love this dress! This year I am challenging myself to make something harder than A-line skirts.. Maybe a dress?

  14. I just love that bracelet with the roses! They're all adorable, but that one especially strikes my fancy! I can't wait to see your new features and it's good to have you back :) xoxo Sophi

  15. Love the fun stripes. I pretty much love all stripes, but these are especially adorable.


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