Thursday, January 27, 2011


 Dress: vintage, thrifted; Sweater, boots: LOFT; 
Tights: Simply Vera; Pocket watch necklace: Waltham.
 Photos of me by Jeremiah.
One of my favorite things about Athens is the amount of cool places to take photos. Sunday was a great day because Jeremiah and I finally took photos in one my favorite sites, the Murmur trestle.

It's an old railroad trestle that's deteriorated inside of one of the town's parks, and it's so dilapidated that it leads to nowhere. It's kind of a stark contrast to the natural tranquility of the park, and it's a reminder of Athens' historical roots. It became well-known back in the 1980s when REM used it on the cover of their "Murmur" album. REM hails from Athens, and the band used a lot of local sites for their musical projects (the church steeple, which I've featured here before, is where they played their first show; and the Georgia Theatre is a place where they filmed and played a lot of their shows).

Just about every year, there are talks of razing the steeple and the trestle, because of their deterioration and lack of public funds to maintain them. Because of this, I have tried to make a concerted effort to take photos at each place, because they really are quirky little pieces of music history in this town.

I repeated my birthday outfit this weekend when I failed to take photos of it on my actual day. This vintage dress was one of the reasons I broke the 30 for 30 Challenge shopping ban (and at $3, I wasn't upset about it).  Its print reminds me of the photoshoot in the cotton field. It was a really cloudy day on Sunday, but I love that Jeremiah was able to capture these photos -- the color setting is a little off because of the grey day, but its appearance gives them a bit of a haunting quality, perhaps?

So obviously, I've got a fondness for the music scene/history of this city. What's your favorite interesting piece of trivia about your town? 

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