Monday, January 10, 2011

What remains when the hours pass

 Striped sweater: Ralph Lauren; Floral blouse: LOFT;
Wool pants: J. McLaughlin, salvaged from Aunt P.;
Pocket watch (as necklace): Waltham; 
Stone bracelet: gift from Marilou; Jade & cougar bracelets: 
Finder's Keepers store, vintage; Boots: Target.

On Saturday, when almost everyone in town was at the big basketball game, I had some time to explore my alma mater's campus and take photos by one of my favorite buildings, the chapel. The weather was relatively nice, though super windy, so I took the opportunity to take more pictures than I normally would in a really open public area. I also tried some more pattern-mixing with my new LOFT blouse and sweater -- for whatever reason, the stripes from this sweater really lend themselves well to experimentation. I also tried some skinny pants, which I've never done before, and I love this wool variety that I got from Jeremiah's aunt. This silhouette is much different from what I usually go for, but I really like it.

Some of my other blog features are going to start this week! I've decided I want to start sharing more of things I like -- some inspiration pieces, movie reviews, etc. but almost all of it will be style-related.

Anyways, today's a snow day throughout most of northeast Georgia, so I'm going to go out and play for awhile ...

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