Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The case for vintage alterations

When I did the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge last fall, one of the benefits (or downfalls?) to come out of it was realizing just how little of my wardrobe I utilize. Because I often shop at thrift stores, my closet is full of clothing of all different sizes, which can make everyday style a challenge when things fit here but don't fit there. What's the point of a well-edited closet if I can't wear 60 percent of it?

I've decided that instead of spending money on new spring clothes, I'd rather have the clothes I already own altered to fit me better. This will include changing a few vintage dresses that have already made their way onto this blog (and some yet to be worn). 

I'm not really a stranger to alterations, but sometimes I am wary of change, particularly with altering vintage.  I'd rather have my clothes better adhere to my body (and not engulf me in tent-like proportions). But I feel a bit guilty about altering something that has withstood decades of time and multiple owners, only to get hacked and hemmed at my discretion.

So, my question for you all is: Would/have you done vintage alterations, and why? Do you think it improves upon the original design, or ruins it? Which fabrics are you more likely to alter?

 Now I just have to decide which items will go off to the tailor -- parting with them is never easy ...

- Photo from this previous outfit post. I've gotten to the point where I feel like I can generate my own stock photos for any post topic. In case you're wondering, I am debating about the above dress's future in alterations.

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