Thursday, January 13, 2011

Easy DIY: Jewelry display

 I used to fight a losing battle with my tangled necklaces and other bits of disorganized jewelry in my closet, until I came up with a solution. Here's a really simple DIY to display your jewelry and add a little art to your walls. Chances are you've already got the supplies around your house to make this.

What you'll need: 

For this you'll need an old, thin belt and some tacks (or nails, if you prefer lots of reinforcement, but tacks have always held up strong for me). I've had this belt for more than a few years now, and I've always loved its design. It's on its last run, so it's perfect for this new display. Alternatively, you could use a different fabric, such as ribbon or lace, but you want to keep the belt somewhat light so that its weight makes it easy to tack up. If you decide you like the look of a leather belt, you'll have to hammer and nail it in. 

Step One:
Use the tacks to hang up your belt. I have a display up on one wall in my closet and it's helped to have my jewelry in close proximity to my clothes to inspire future outfits.

Step Two:

Start putting jewelry on by hanging it over some of the tacks. And congrats, you've completed this DIY (told you it was easy). Use it to hang all kinds of jewelry -- necklaces, bracelets, clip-on earrings, bejeweled bobby pins, etc.
Alternatively, you can use your display for other mementos --- old photos, postcards, art, ticket stubs. I like to use clothespins to hang postcards from my travels. Much cheaper than having to buy new frames for them!

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