Thursday, February 3, 2011

The divine secrets of the sartorial sisterhood

 Jacket: Aeropostale, thrifted; Shoes: Zigi Soho;
Skirt: Kensington Square, vintage, thrifted (less than $1);
Belt: Loft; Blouse: Ann Taylor, thrifted;
Sunglasses: BR, a gift from Marilou.

I really enjoyed reading the many thoughtful, nuanced responses yesterday to privacy in blogging, and it was wonderful to read how differently social networking is utilized and customized among different bloggers.

A lot of you mentioned that balancing the line between privacy and being open had much to do with real-life scenarios (such as work and school), and what direction you saw your blog going. Many of you also shared a reluctance in mentioning your blog to others because of how fashion/style-related pursuits can seem frivolous to those who don't understand it, and I can relate.

To me, it's kind of a strange juxtaposition: wanting to be open and bare my thoughts to strangers, yet remain discreet with people I know in real life. I know this will most likely change for me as time goes on, as I get more developed in my writing and photography and want to share that with others I know.

And now, on to less weighty matters -- today's sartorial agenda (ha, that sounds so formal): I found this skirt over the weekend during a thrift store visit with my sister. It was 60 cents, and probably the cheapest-priced item of clothing I've ever bought. Unfortunately, when the thermometer hovers around 50 degrees on a cloudy day, I need to stop giving myself license to go bare-legged (despite the past few glorious days of 70-degree sunshine), because wind chill and rain will always win. 30 minutes later, I was in tights, boots and a long coat (and feeling a little less foolish).

Happy Thursday,

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