Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who is Keyser Soze?

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft;
Shoes: from Philippines, gift from Mom;
Necklace: from Philippines, gift from Mom;
Bag: Sonoma Jean Co., 
a relic of my high school style.
How I've worn the dress: here.
Photos by Jeremiah.

My title really has nothing to do with this post, except that "The Usual Suspects" is on and I love this movie. I really like the Verbal Kint character, and I love Kevin Spacey's acting in almost every movie he's done. "Se7en" is one of my favorite movies, because I like any sort of literature that tackles the seven deadly sins (like "The Canterbury Tales" and Dante's "The Divine Comedy").

Fifteen minutes before these photos were taken, I was completely drenched by a thunderstorm. I decided to go forward with outfit photos by changing into my "go-to" dress, putting on my new gifts from my mom, giving up on my hair and just calling it "tousled," and heading out with an old favorite purse. I used to carry this around in high school, and recently rediscovered back at my Mom's house. I often wonder what The Man in the Sombrero is contemplating while sitting inside the design of the purse. Maybe he is thinking about the seven deadly sins.

Happy, happy weekend! And don't forget to check out my vintage scarf giveaway.

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  1. I love those shoes. The toe detail is so cute.

  2. I love Se7en so much!! That's a genius film. My mom said she couldn't even look at Kevin Spacey after seeing it. haha

  3. I havent seen se7en, although I have had so many intentions on seeing it!! I should now!!
    I am having a giveaway (starts at midnight tonight) Be sure to stop by :)

    xo Lynz

  4. Joann! that purse is amazing! it's so chic! you look really gorgeous. :)


    PS: Maybe you wanna check out the new blog my friend and I made. It's everything NYC and more!

  5. Just found your blog and it is so cute!

  6. this is a great look on you. Love that bag! :)

    and I love that movie too.

  7. I am dying over how cute your bag is!
    Love the dres too.


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