Friday, June 4, 2010

Color me summer

Sweater: Faded Glory;
Belt: Ann Taylor Loft;
Dress: from Bloomingdale's, NYC;
Shoes: Target;
Bag: from India, gift.

 Just a happy outfit for a Wednesday night of dinner and "Dead Like Me" (in the middle of season 2 now) on the couch. Doesn't sound like much of an occasion, but I cherish all the downtime I can get now.
This dress was never part of The Dress Project because it isn't technically mine --- I gave it to my sister a couple years ago, and recently borrowed it from her closet (thanks, Nik). It's an empire dress, and it's a little big in the chest area, so I improvised by wrapping my sweater into a top and wearing the dress just as a skirt.
On that note, I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. I decided to take this Friday and Monday off from work  --- I haven't had a real weekend off in more than a month, and having four days off in a row feels like a dream. I originally requested these days because I thought Jeremiah and I might go on vacation this week, but we're going to just take time off and relax.:)

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  1. I've been meaning to try that wrapped-belted-cardi thing ... looks fab on you!

  2. As much as I think you look great in black, I miss seeing you in bright colors. Have a great "staycation"!

  3. love you in the bright colors! beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous as usual! It's so nice you can borrow clothes from your sister :-)

    Have a wonderful, amazing, relaxing, fun looong weekend!

  5. You look wonderful in shades of red! Love this look on you girl.


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