Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tales from the cash register

 Dress: Calvin Klein;
Shoes: Clarks.
How I've worn the dress before: here.

Here's another work outfit. Gosh, I feel powerful and really stylish in this one -- like I can conquer my day (and my sales goals, too).
A few of you have asked about how my new retail job is going. I'm working full-time in a department store, selling handbags and pretty much every accessory you can think of -- belts, hats, leggings, etc. I know way too much now about leather, hardware and comfortable straps than I ever thought I'd need to know. My sleep schedule is so screwed up -- some days I work 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and other days I work 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. I say the word "summer-y" so much now that I need to find a new adjective. I hand-sanitize a lot now (I've become a germaphobe being around so many people). There isn't a lot of mental stimulation so I bring a book and an iPod for my lunch breaks, which I take in the food court because I like people-watching. I also walk a lot. My Clarks are holding up fine.

There are pros and cons to every job I suppose -- for every not-so-nice coworker, there's one who has badass stories; for every horrible customer who throws bags on the floor and doesn't buy anything, there's another who made my day because I was able to find exactly what she wanted. I love talking to customers and I find it the easiest part of the job, though I would never consider myself an extrovert. Maybe an introvert who fakes it just enough.

I'm trying to take all of these changes in stride. I'm not really sure yet if I want to turn this into a career just yet, but it is just the first month. I still haven't given up hope of finding another full-time position in a field that coincides with my interests.

I'd be interested to know if any of you have any questions about retail -- things you'd like to know about sales associates, or handbags (now my pet expertise). Just let me know!

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  1. I worked retail from age 16 - 19 and it feels like it was yesterday. I experienced everything you spoke about here - except I worked in the lingerie (ooh la la) department instead of handbags. I do miss the feeling of really, truly helping someone find exactly what they were looking for... but what I do NOT miss are the times where people would try to bring back a bra that was like 17 years old and WORN for those 17 years... or the time I found somebody had pooped on top of the escalator. (Yes, really.) Retail is definitely interesting and I think everyone (EVERYONE) should be required to work retail at some point in their lives!

  2. You look absolutely fabulous!!

  3. i love the dress--super flattering on you! and sometimes the simplicity of black dress and shoes is just right.
    retail sounds hard! especially on your feet.
    and i love your bit about introvert/extrovert. my mom calls me an introvert who overcompensates. perhaps the title fits you too?

  4. You look so chic! I'd totally buy something from you.

    Thanks so much for update about the new job. I can totally relate, even from my short stint in retail last summer in the last few months of my pregnancy. Your lunch breaks, with books and people watching, sound wonderful, btw. We would get along so well. :-)

  5. Your new job sounds so fun! Handbags and accessories, yay!
    And you do look very professional today.

  6. I worked in retail when I was in university, so I can well remember the ups and downs of dealing with customers and co-workers.

    You look really cute in that dress!

  7. I'm glad you updated us! And glad it's going well.

    No questions here, because you pretty much described my life to a tee! Haha.

    LOVE the dres BTW. How is going with the all black? I am curious because I've always been interested in a couple of stores that wear all black but not sure I could get creative with it every day.

  8. The neckline on that dress is astonishingly beautiful!

    And don't worry about not doing the Black-Out challenge, lady - I know you're doing a Black-In for the time being. ;)

  9. I'm so glad the shoes and your new job seems to be working out! Retail is a weird beast--I am an introvert and faking it at work is probably the weirdest part of my job!

  10. I absolutely love that dress! The neckline is just stunning. I kind of am in the same boat as you right now - working a job I'm notttt really sure if I'm going to continue to stay at full-time, but I will until something bigger and better comes up. Let's keep each other updated! xo

  11. That dress is awesome. I love the neckline. I had to do a double-take to see if it was a collar or a cut-out. No wonder you feel to powerful in it!


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