Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Just wanted to share some things I'm totally all about right now:

Moleskine: Just bought some mini-notebooks so I can write down outfit and blog ideas whenever I want. It's been really helpful to wake up, look in my notebook and have 20 different options written down for me! I'm loving it. (Also, that's my special ballpoint pen that I got while I worked for my college newspaper -- maybe it's the former journalist in me, but I have a special love for pens that work really well)

Straw hat: I am not a hat person, but with 104 degree weather (and humidity!), it's impossible to style my hair everyday. I found a new straw one at the mall, and  turns out, I may not take my new hat off this summer! Though it's been really trendy the last couple of seasons, I think the fedora is a really classic shape, and will be able to hold up.

What's been inspiring you these days?

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  1. i love this list :) even now in hair school i can't cope without a great, smooth writing pen. and if i could wear hats to school, i totally would. this heat is REDONCK!

  2. Mint colored nail polish<3

    xo Lynzy

  3. I have a hat JUST like that and I love it! It's so adorable, goes with almost anything, and no one will know that your hair is a frizzy mess (or that's just me...)


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