Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy clothes

 Top: Target;
Pleated skirt: Thrifted;
Bag: thrifted;
Shoes: Tayla platforms, Target;
Shell necklace (as bracelet); Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI.
How I've worn the skirt before: here.

Confession: I wear this shirt as part of my pajama routine. It didn't come as a set, but it's often what I throw on before going to bed. I decided its abstract print would look extra girly with my pleated skirt, platforms and circus tent purse. It was about 90 degrees Sunday, so the thin layers provided extra comfort in the sweltering afternoon. Bonus: the skirt is perfect for lots of happy twirling time.

Thank you all for your sweet comments about my dad and for checking in on me. I'm doing alright, reflecting on things and doing stuff during this week that makes me happy (like tv marathons and eating out). The really simple things in life can be absolutely wonderful.

Hope you have a great Monday,

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  1. You look comfy! Cute purse!!

  2. you look gorgeous here! i love the flowy skirt with the bright pink tank top. and the circus tent bag is just awesome. ~joelle

  3. I love the purse and how it compliments the other colors in your outfit!

  4. That tank is such a beautiful color and I looooove that bag!

  5. I love that layered skirt and the bright pink tank top. You look lovely!

  6. Such a fabulous outfit for a hot summer's day!

  7. Perfect summer outfit! :)

  8. seeing as your confessing, I will confess that I too have worn my sleepwear as day wear before too. The skirt looks great.

  9. Your day sounds like a perfect way to remember your dad but also while taking care of yourself.

    The outfit is very lovely. I adore long white skirts in summer and wish I could pull one off as well as you.


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