Thursday, June 24, 2010

Treasured: Waltham pocket watch

This week's "Treasured" post focuses on a piece that I never wear, but sometimes carry with me: my vintage pocket watch.

Unlike the other items I've featured here, this is actually a family heirloom: it belonged to my uncle's great aunt, who passed it along to my aunt. When I was 10, my aunt gave it to me. If I had to guess, based on what I know about the great aunt, the watch is probably 90-100 years old. The company that made the pocket watch is Waltham, which manufactured pocket watches from 1852-1960. I'm still trying to find the serial number on mine to exactly place the year in which it was made. The back of is gold, and has a scroll design etched into it. The watch used to have a gold etched front that covered the face of the watch, but at some point that came off. It's functional, and still works perfectly, and I love setting the time to it and hearing its tiny ticks.

I've never worn it, except to carry it in my pocket or in my bag. I used to carry it in high school as a bit of a touchstone or lucky charm on those days when I felt like I needed it. It's fun to look at, and I like thinking of all the events that the watch has lived through. I would love to find a really good gold chain so I can wear it around my neck, and have awesome Alice-inspired outfits with it. If I ever got to go onto Antiques Roadshow (one of my favorite shows ever) I'd definitely take this piece, although I bet the value has depreciated because of the lost front covering.

Do you have any clothing or jewelry family heirlooms around your house? And do you ever wear them?

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  1. How special! It would look great as a pendant!
    There a few things I have my eye on, but my mom hasn't parted with them yet...

  2. this pocket watch is gorgeous and i love that it has family history behind it :)

  3. The watch is gorgeous. I fully understand your feelings. Some time ago I was given by my Mom a very long gold chain, which is originally from my Great-Great-Grandmother. I even have a picture, of her as an old lady wearing it. I wear it at least once a week, and everytime I need some luck.
    Regards from Switzerland

  4. You make it look like the perfect beach outfit!


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