Friday, June 11, 2010

Cellar door

Dress (as top): Arpeja;
Pleated skirt: thrifted;
Shoes: Zigi Soho;
Backpack: thrifted.
How I've worn the dress: here.
How I've worn the skirt: here.

I took these photos last night and I think I'm getting more comfortable with my tripod. If everything in this outfit looks familiar, it's because all the pieces are familiar. I don't like to repeat outfits exactly, and so I'm trying to find new, creative ways to wear what I have. I have been dying to wear this skirt with a floral-patterned dress and was so happy with how romantic-looking this turned out.

Because of my crepuscular post, I've been thinking about words that make me happy whenever I hear them -- some are full of imagery, some roll off the tongue in a pleasant way and some sound full of promise. To start off this weekend on the right note, here are a few of my favorite words and phrases:

- Juxtaposition
- Crepuscular
- Cellar door (because of "Donnie Darko")
- Exaltation of larks
- Denouement
- Parfait
- Quoth the raven
- Byline
-  Dance dance revolution
- Murder of crows
- Huckleberry
- Bicycle built for two
- Macaroons 
- Dante
- Cathedral
- Cache of jewels
- Clark Gable
- Big Rock Candy Mountain
- Sprinkles

Spill: What's your favorite word?

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  2. I get words or phrases stuck in my head all the time. One of my favourite words: Corporeal.
    One of my favourite phrases: Wherein the problem lies.

  3. ooo, macaroons, good one!

    me? transcendental
    gummi bears

  4. hey there !
    first timer at your blog :)

    my fave words are probably euphoria, bliss, surrealism, rouge :)

    nice floral top !

  5. That top is so pretty! I think it really pops against the white skirt.

    I love words and grammar (and married an English teacher) one of my favorite words: diaphanous. Love how it feels to say it and love the meaning. I use recalcitrant a lot because a.) I love the word and b.) in my day job I enforce policy at a huge university so I deal with A LOT of recalcitrant people on a daily basis. Gelatinous is a good one, too.

  6. Hey fellow Atl-blogger! Nice to meet ya.

  7. BUBBLE BUMBLE anything with a few B's in it! they are so much fun to say<3

  8. Love the word list and outfit :) Ubiquitous has always been my fave, but I decided that many years ago. Should reassess!


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