Sunday, June 6, 2010

In memoriam

 Dad in uniform, circa 1984

 from my high school graduation, 2005

It's been three years since you died, but you are still incredibly missed, Dad. 

Thank you for the following things:
1) Teaching me how to camp, hike, sail and fix various parts of my car;
2) Being sympathetic the day I twisted my ankle playing on the curb and required chiropractic care. Being sympathetic the day I got into a fender-bender and totaled the car (though I didn't deserve it);
3) Reminding me that I am worth it, regardless of which friend or boyfriend dumped me at the time. Convincing me that I didn't know it all during high school;
4) Teaching me how to dance;
5) Going to every chorus concert, football game, Scout meeting, academic scholarship ceremony, and being proud of me for being there;
6) Telling me all the time that I was pretty, regardless of my eczema/acne/braces;
7) Giving me an appreciation of all things artsy, whether it was old musical movies, or nature photography;
8) Being a great example of a human being, to your family, friends and the many people you mentored.
You are incredibly missed.
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  1. Joann, what a beautiful tribute to your dad. What an incredible man. I'm sure you he watching over you and smiling down from heaven. Keep your spirits up. :) BIG HUG.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. I think the evidence of how good of a dad he was is manifested in the person you are today. I may not 'know' you but your morals, creativity and kindness shine through your posting...

  3. how sweet this post is--sending you a big hug on what must be a hard day.

  4. I was thinking about you and your family today. He was a wonderful man.

  5. You look alot like your dad, and mimic his personality from what I can tell.

    Your are a beacon of his life.

  6. This is lovely..I seconed what myedit said.. you seem such a genuine and caring person, full of creative fun and love and I am sure he was just as delightful as you. .

    Lots of hugs and thoughts! x

  7. He sounds like an incredible man. It's clear from here that he shines through you. I know he's so proud of you.

  8. So beautiful and moving. Thank you for posting this.


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