Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not so incognito

Dress: J.Crew;
Poncho/shawl (as scarf): Burlington Coat Factory;
Belt: Fossil;
Shoes: Tayla platforms, Target.
How I've worn the dress before: here.

So for my day off Monday, I decided to give the printed J.Crew dress a try during the day. When I bought the dress online, I was surprised at how big and bright the print was in real life (the photo depicted the dress having a smaller and more muted print). Since I bought it on final sale, there was no way I could return it, so I've since gotten it altered and have tried different ways of styling it (see here). I decided to try something different this time by wearing my prom shawl as a scarf over the dress. Now that it's 90+ degrees at every point in the day, it's pretty impossible to wear too many layers, so this scarf was lightweight enough to not have me feeling fatigued. I know the scarf's styling looks a little sloppy in the photos, but it was straightened up for most of the day, where you could see most of its fringey-ness.

I had a great day  -- I watched some "Golden Girls" (a very emotional episode in which Sophia and Max decide not to rebuild the pizza place after the fire) and "Gilmore Girls" (I sing the theme song to Jeremiah all the time: "All you have to do is call my name and I'll be there on the next train...") 

I also went thrifting, which was a success and I'll be showing those new finds soon. A couple of the employees at the thrift store acknowledged me, not in a "Hi, how are you?" way but remembered me as a repeat customer. I think it was because of today's outfit -- I usually wear a really basic tee and jeans whenever I go thrifting, so I felt really dolled up. One of them said it was good that I was back, and another said, as I was contemplating in the blouses section, that yellow was my color (I don't think so, but I was holding a yellow top). It's taken a year, but my multiple visits are being noticed by the staff. I wasn't sure if I should have been flattered that they like me being a customer, or freaked out a little. I'm usually one of those shoppers who likes to keep to themselves during store visits and so any unordinary human contact can be a little peculiar and I tend to over-analyze it all. 
What kind of shopper are you? Do you tend to keep to yourself, or do you like traveling in groups?

I'm really excited about having Tuesday off --- having days off during the week is fun sometimes. You feel like you're cheating the system and playing hooky but you're not, so it's like a little midweek gift.

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  1. I like to shop with people who are going to be honest and point out the good and bad in every item. Sometimes I'll go shopping with just one friend and on the days when I can't do that I take things home a force opinions out of my husband. If he says he doesn't like something he has to support it with specific details. Its hard to build a wardrobe and so its nice to have people around to help you find the right pieces.

    About being a regular:
    I think it is the best thing when people see that you are a regular and acknowledge you. Depending on the store building relationships means that you will get sneak peeks and information that may not be shared with everyone. Stores appreciate their regulars and know how important they are to having a successful business.

  2. I also tend to work weekend a lot too, having weekdays off is so much fun!!


  3. Glad you're giving that dress a real go - it's truly lovely.

    And I'm a solitary shopper, all the way.

  4. i love that dress! so pretty, and perfect with the scarf (even if it was a bit warm!)

  5. I agree!... yellow looks pretty good on you!! gorgeous dress!


  6. That is a fabulous dress! I think you did good by getting it final sale and altering it.

    I am the same - I like to keep to myself but sometimes I like to talk to people too!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  7. Your post made me think about the fact that I'm a "keep to myself" kind of shopper but I hate when people at stores recognize me or know that I'm wearing a bunch of clothes from their store! lol. I have no idea why, but I guess I just want to be in my own little world when I'm shopping and don't want anyone's input =P

  8. Cute outfit! I love the pattern and color of your dress, and it looks so feminine and pretty with that scarf! good job!


  9. I love the scarf.

    I love shopping by myself, but then I love dragging my boyfriend around so he can give me a second opinion. I think I tend to spend less when I'm by myself though because I don't want to buy things I'm unsure of without the second opinion.

  10. The dress is so pretty on you, JoAnn! Definitely a good addition to your already impressive dress collection :-) The pairing with the scarf is fab!

    And I love that you're a Gilmore Girls fan as well. I miss that show a lot.

  11. I love the dress! It really is a great color palette on you.

    As for shopping...I like going with at least one friend, and I HATE it when the sales associates approach. Not because I feel like they shouldn't, but because I want to be unnoticed. I prefer being inconspicuous and would rather not walk into an unfamiliar store alone to be approached by someone asking how they can help me. Please, just let me look and not be looked AT. :)


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