Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lace labyrinth

Lace dress: French Connection;
Red sweater: Faded Glory;
Striped bag: thrifted;
Shoes: Zigi Soho.
How I've worn the dress before: here.

Since my anniversary was about a week ago, it seemed more than appropriate to wear my after-reception wedding dress for a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the park. When I bought it two years ago, I thought it was beautiful but I had no idea how to wear it in everyday life. Now, I want to wear it all the time because of the labyrinth design of the lace details. It's a shame that Georgia summers make it almost impossible for layering.
      The bag was a find during one particular thrifting trip during high school -- among the haul of that day include my carpet bag and saddle bag. I'm glad I kept this one all these years -- the color palette reminds me of a big-top circus tent.

In other news, I'm thinking about expanding my blog posts to two per day. I've recently hit a new spurt of creativity and want to take advantage of it. What I want to know, dear readers, is what would you like to see more of on this blog? Outfit photos? How-tos? Personal stories? "Treasured" items? Let me know.

Have a happy Sunday,

signature1 by you.


  1. just stumbled upon your blog!
    I love it! How-tos are always a lot of fun!
    I am your newest follower :)

  2. I personally love the photographs! I like seeing you in all sorts of settings and surroundings. Doesn't matter if they are outfit posts or how tos or personal stories.

  3. I want to see/read anything you post. Perhaps it's voyeuristic but I like knowing as much about people as they're willing to share - especially the interesting ones!

  4. I absolutely love this dress!! So awesome you can fit it into everyday life ^_^

  5. Oh, you look so lovely. I adore the swirls on the dress. What a fun piece to wear post-reception.

    Ride that creativity wave girl! I'd love to see some how-tos. I'm always looking for new projects.

  6. i love that red and white seems to be your signature color combo (and those last few pictures are darling)

  7. I also like your posts and more of anything would be great. Love the outfit!

  8. The red and cream colors look so sophisticated together. I love that lace dress.

  9. I absolutely LOVE that dress! I die for anything French Connection. So pretty! xo

  10. This is so pretty! I love the contrast of it all.

    I of course love outfit photos, but I also enjoy your stories and how-tos. I say go for whatever strikes your fancy!

  11. Love the colours in your bag, and the dress is lovely!


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