Monday, June 28, 2010

Girls in straw hats

 On me:
Dress (as top): Ann Taylor Loft;
Skirt: American Eagle;
Hat: Scala Pronto;
Shoes: Zigi Soho;
Bag: Thrifted.

On Nikki: 
Dress: From Philippines;
Necklace: From Philippines;
Hat: Forever 21;
Bag: JC Penney;
Shoes: Tayla platforms, Target.
Photos by me and Nikki.

I had Sunday off, so in the afternoon my sister Nikki came over to visit me and Jeremiah. She just came back from her trip to the Philippines and over some Goodwill shopping and "Mad Men" episodes, she had some interesting stories to share. If you're a longtime follower of the blog, you'll know that Nikki originally wrote for the blog as well, and it was nice again to have some outfit photos of her as well. I got to finally show her the farm park and she's thinking about doing her senior portraits there. It's crazy to think about, but she'll be starting her senior year of high school soon...

Anyways, we had so much fun at the park. We tried to do some ridiculous skipping and jumping photos together on the bridge, but we couldn't get the timing right and almost every photo had one of us in the air, and the other still on the ground, poised to jump. The 92 degree heat didn't help matters, either, but at least we had some fun laughing over it.

It's interesting how we've influenced each others' styles. We met up with each other at the thrift store and we both were wearing straw hats for the day. I'm also wearing a skirt that both of us have shared over the years, and she's wearing my Target platform sandals. It's fun to have a style twin sometimes.

Have a lovely Monday,

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  1. You both look great - and can you believe how hot it was this weekend?!

  2. I just LOVE straw hats <3

    come on over and enter my giveaway :)

    xo Lynzy

  3. You girls look so cute! I love that you both showed up wearing straw hats!

  4. You both look carefree and lovely! And the hats are darling.

  5. #1: IF I had a sister, I'd totally do this same exact photoshoot. #2: I adore EVERY THING about your outfit.

  6. You guys look cute. I am missing my sweet sizzler in Japan.

  7. You girls look so cute! Love the matchy-ness!

  8. Love the hats! Wish I could were a dress like Nikki has on! So cute!

  9. I love both your hats! Adorable.

  10. Both of you look lovely! Love the hats. My sister has definitely influenced my style, too. :)

  11. My first time visiting your blog, unfortunately, although you've been leaving me the kindest comments! I really adore everything, your outfits are so lovely & feminine!

  12. Um, these hats are fantastic, and you and your sister are flippin' adorable!

  13. Aren't sisters just the best? Unfortunately, my sister and I don't have adorable straw hats like you two. That must be remedied...

  14. Love both of your outfits. The hat definitely tops off what you are wearing!

  15. Fun!

    About my zebra bracelet, I decided I wanted one like the one that you found at the thrift store after you did that post a few months ago :)

  16. I take great picture, don't I? Love you sister.


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