Saturday, June 19, 2010

While ye may

Dress: Agora;
Slipdress: thrifted;
Necklace: gift;
Hair garland: Hobby Lobby (seriously!
I searched every vintage store in my county for one, 
and they had them there)
Shoes: Tayla platforms, Target.
How I've worn the dress: here.

I wish I wore this to work today, but it's just what I slipped into afterward. I've had a rough schedule the last couple of days (1-11pm and 9am-6pm because of a crazy sale weekend that's capitalizing off Father's Day) so these moments of comfort on the farm are so cherished. Wouldn't it have been awesome to wear this to work? It is mostly black...

I've worn this dress in a similar way before, but not in its flower child full potential. I thought my white flower garland (which I last wore during my wedding) looked really pretty with it. I love being able to reuse memorable items from my closet-- instead of yellowing with age in my closet as a future heirloom, my garland can have real purpose in my wardrobe. When I got my garland at Hobby Lobby, I think my garland was supposed to be for First Communion outfits, and I had to customize it by cutting a lot of the ribbons off it.My necklace's charms are meaningful to me -- the blue stone is from my mom, the red hearts are from Jeremiah and the horseshoe was one I bought myself. Family, love and self. Notice the red, white and blue color pattern I seem to repeat a lot.

I'm about to eat pizza bagels and mint ice cream for Saturday night dinner -- yum! I'm usually very good about not eating junk food at the mall (yes, I am that weirdo who brings her own lunch to the food court. After my first week of retail work, I couldn't stand to eat another transfatty, salty fast food meal), but sometimes it's fun to break the rules at home.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,

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  1. I love this look JoAnne! The dress is so ethereal and the hair garland is so chic!
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend you deserve it!

  2. What a lovely look. I wish you could wear it to work too!

  3. You look so pretty in these pictures! This dress is so feminine and that crown is just soooo cute! Love the look!

  4. You look great Joann and the dress is so romantic

  5. Lovely ethereal look and dress on you. Sorry to hear about your crazy work schedule!

  6. This dress is so pretty and suits you well!

  7. This is really beautiful. You look lovely!



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