Monday, June 21, 2010

Cotton candy

Dress: Connected Apparel;
Shawl: Burlington Coat Factory;
Carpet saddle bag: thrifted;
Flats: Target.
How I've worn the dress before: here.

I wish I had a remote control for my life that would speed things up during the week at my retail job and then sloooow things down on my days off. Having to hear about problems like purse interior linings all the time can make anyone feel a little less sane by the end of a week. Although, I'd imagine I'd get into trouble with a time device like that -- I'd make a misstep and have it devolve into volcanoes erupting on the other side of the world or something like that. Still, it's really nice to imagine skipping to the best parts. I do that with books sometimes --- I usually start with the last page and then start at the beginning. I think Harry in "When Harry Met Sally" described it as having a dark side. I like to think of it as being deductive -- knowing how it all ends first and then trying to figure out how it got to be that way was always the best part for me.

Anyways, this has nothing really to do with this dress, which I wore to dinner with Jeremiah after work today. The frothiness of it is just wonderful enough to combat the daily black wear and almost fun enough to make me forget that I want a time remote control in my life. Almost.

Have a frothy pink-cotton-candy kind of day,

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  1. You know that story about the boy with the ball of string and he could fast forward life when he pulled it a bit. Yeah well he did it too much and missed out! I bet you appreciate your time off more because you are so busy during the week!
    But sometimes it would be nice...

  2. beautiful floral dress!

    xo Lynzy

  3. really cute blog! I would like to start keep a better style diary.

  4. You are a clever gal, I never would have thought to pair the scarf and dress together but it looks dynamite!

    And a frothy pink cotton candy day sounds like my kind of day :)

  5. I wish I could hurtle through the mundane parts of my weeks too. But it looks like you are injecting bits of sweetness into the workweek!


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