Friday, August 5, 2011

Turn! Turn! Turn!

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It's been roughly a year since Jeremiah and I packed up our one-bedroom apartment and moved to Athens. In honor of our move and personal journey since then, I thought it'd be fun to look back on my favorite photo spot. (At the very least, you can be like me and make a game of trying to focus on just the bridge, and get dizzy in the process.)

Here are some of my favorite Athens-related posts:

 - Literal REM: Featuring the spot of REM's first show.
- Murmur: A moment in REM history.
- Seventeen: A downtown walk.
- I dream of a living jungle: Revisiting the Murmur trestle.
- What remains when the hours pass: Photography of north campus.
- Tailgating style: A personal history of the red and the black.
- Children of the corn: Meandering around Washington Farms.
- My town: I have often walked down this street before ...
- I'm with the band, too: Tailgating like a British rock star and my old dorm.
- I can feel it coming in the air tonight: Sartorial choices on gameday.
- I've got nostalgic pavements: A moment downtown.

- Let's find our initials in the old stones: Wandering around north campus.
- In the shadows of tall buildings: A quiet moment at the university chapel.
-  And I'll meet you at the station: Playing on the railroad tracks after a trip to Weaver D's.
- We bare our souls and tell the most appalling secrets: Some sisterly love in the Classic City.

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