Monday, August 29, 2011

Strawberry lemonade

 Dress: Arlene Airess, vintage; Sweater: Old Navy;
Headband: BR, gift from Marilou
Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri, Target; Bag: thrifted. 

I've been breaking out my sweater collection even though the thermometer says it's still 100 degrees out, and even though I'm sure I could fry eggs on the sidewalk (I tried that when I was a kid, and it totally just left gooey yolk on the sidewalk). My classrooms have been really chilly lately, so it's been imperative to bring a  few layers everyday. I really like this combination, because it reminds me of my favorite summer treats, frozen strawberries and lemonade. 

I think I've found a new-but-somewhat-vain technique to keep me awake for late study nights: curling my hair. For some reason, rolling my strands into pillow rollers while reading about research methods distracts me from other things I'd rather be doing, like surfing the Internet, and the by-product is nice, full hair in the mornings. Got to love study methods that offer some beauty perks ... 

P.S. The winner of the Easy Canvas Prints giveaway is ...

Kimmie -- congrats!

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