Saturday, August 7, 2010

And I'll meet you at the station

Dress: Donna Ricco, thrifted;
Belt: J. Crew, thrifted;
Shoes: Aerosoles;
Bag: Louis Vuitton, gift.
Photos by Jeremiah.
Listening to: "Last Train to Clarksville,"
The Monkees.

It's been a fun but busy few days. Jeremiah and I finally got around to taking outfit photos at one of my favorite locations in Athens, the railroad tracks. My old dorm on the east side of campus is right by these tracks, and in the four years I lived here during college, I think I've only seen a train go by on them once. Still, it's a very picturesque place,and one that's often frequented by photographers and fraternity boys (the new fraternity house lane is right by them now).

I wore this outfit to lunch at Weaver D's, which is a Southern soul food place that's basically an institution in this town. My research seminar professor took my small class out to lunch at this place several years ago, and I've been obsessed ever since. On this trip I chose the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and corn bread, and it's always piled really high. Food coma-inducing, but delicious. The motto of Weaver D's is "Automatic for the People," and it's a motto that's so ingrained in this town, R.E.M. named one of their albums after it.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. My plans? More moving and unpacking. It's all coming together, and I can't wait to start decorating.

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  1. Such a beautiful spot for photos! Love it. The dress is great on you. Best of luck with the moving/unpacking...I'm still sifting through boxes/planning our next painting adventure. I feel like so many bloggers are going through a move right now!

  2. I'm with Elena. I had to comment how much I love the setting. It's perfect with the dress too.

    I covet that white belt, so much. LOVE!

    Good luck moving. I hope you get all settled in and that you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the scenery! It was a lot of f un to read about it, too, and how you first came to the food place. Now I know where "Automatic for the People" came from. The white belt is the perfect touch.

  4. This dress is so lovely on you! You look like you've lost weight in these pictures; is it all the moving and heavy lifting? :) Or are my eyes being dumb?

    It also looks like your bangs are a little bit heavier and cover more of your forehead. I like them this way!

    Either way, I love the dress, the belt, the shoes, and you look beautiful. I especially love the shot of you applying lipstick, it looks like a shot out of a magazine. So pretty!

  5. GREAT photoshoot! I love the one with you putting on lipgloss!

  6. fun photos! How fun to be back in your college town but as "real people" - I wonder how that will change your perspective?

    I like the lipgloss one too.

    Have fun setting up your new place!

  7. What a beautiful photo shoot! You look absolutely beautiful, especially the close-up shots!

  8. gorgeous dress! and I love how you wore your belt, so pretty :)


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