Monday, August 8, 2011

The foundations under clouds

 Dress: J. Crew; Scarf: From Italy, gift from Val;
 Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell, won from a giveaway from Elisharon

Thanks for all the feedback on the last couple posts. I'm really incredibly excited about these changes in my life, and how school is going to affect things in the next few years. I've been getting ready the last few days with the necessary things, like paperwork and running errands. I've also been slightly making over my wardrobe a little bit, too -- taking out dresses that no longer fit or need alterations, and filling in the gaps with more blouses, sweaters and scarves (essential for cold classrooms). 

I've also been revisiting this paisley dress often. Ever since I got it tailored, it's been in constant rotation. If I could, I'd want to take a large sheet of it and wallpaper my wall with the pattern, because its shade of green is really re-energizing and fun to look at. Here are a few ways I've styled it before:

- This was a submission to the Everybody, Everywear "Pattern Mixing" Challenge. For more looks, visit here.

Pattern Mixing | Everybody, Everywear

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