Sunday, December 12, 2010

My town

Here are some photos from a few weekends ago when Jeremiah and I decided to play tourists in our town. I love how Athens is a juxtaposition of a college town, a music mecca, a food haven and a Southern point of history. These photos were taken downtown all within a six-block radius, which makes the clash of all these identities prominent.

 Jeremiah took the above photo -- I'm quite proud of it.
The lighting in our favorite pizza place can be especially tricky.


  1. you are always adept at finding great photo locations--here is more proof that you have a great eye for different spaces :)

  2. Great shots! Is the Georgia Theatre just the frontage of a building?

  3. Aww these photos make me nostalgic. I love Athens!
    Also, I got my second tattoo done at that place!

  4. Great pictures. It looks like a great place to live.

  5. I grew up in a collegetown too. And you are so right, it makes the town so eclectic. You have a good eye for pictures and your husbands shot is great.

    The Auspicious Life

  6. I LOVE town shots, they make for a cheap way to imaginary travel :)

  7. I think these are great pics..thanks for sharing your town with us:)

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  8. Athens is so quaint and beautiful! Hmmn.. I have a feeling that you will love Ottawa!

    Miss ya J!


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  9. Ahhh, these pics make me miss Athens so much!! And so sad to see the remains of Georgia Theatre :(

  10. @Jan: The Georgia Theatre went through a massive fire last year. The walls of the building still stand, but just barely. The owner is collecting funds for a restoration project.

    Even though it's going through some transitioning, the front of the building is still beautiful.

  11. I have played tourist in my town before. It can be fun. In a few years when things change, it is even more fun. I just hate the few minutes where I look like a tourist though.


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