Monday, August 1, 2011

With tremulous cadence slow

 Dress: Ariella; Hair wreath: DIY; 
Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri, Target; Straw bag: Mexico, gift.

And I'm back! I spent a few days in Destin with Jeremiah's family, and it was much-needed time away. I haven't been to Florida in several years, so being so near the Gulf brought back some memories of my teenage years, where I spent a lot of weekends practicing sailing at my hometown lake. Though I didn't regain much of my sea legs, this trip was spent parasailing, go-carting, meandering around the beach and snapping photos of everything. In a couple weeks, I'll be in graduate school, so this beach escape felt like a prelude to a new world. 

This dress has seen many incarnations and life stages (from an internship in New York to a honeymoon in Hawaii). During this trip it found new life as a beach cover-up. I love that its purple lace has been adaptable in so many situations. 

This was a fun trip for landscape photography experimentation. Like at home, it didn't take me very long to shoot near a body of water, and it was fun to use different settings on my camera, and my tripod got to perform stunts near some taller waves. I got to experience amazing light situations -- bright sun, sunset, stormy clouds -- as well take a camera along during the various activities we did as a family. But the moments around dawn, when I took solo trips on the beach, were a return to form and familiarity as I found another shore for camera inspiration. Sitting so close to the ocean's ebb and flow made me wonder how many people over years and years had sat in the same spot before me, contemplating the next big things in their lives...

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