Monday, August 30, 2010

Literal R.E.M.

Hat: Scala Pronto;
Top: H&M;
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch;
Bag: Fossil, thrifted;
Socks: Marshall's;
Shoes: Nine West, gift.

Oh boy, so I've been waiting to do this post forever and I'm so excited to tell you about it.

 I'm standing on hallowed ground in these pictures -- well, sacred for alternative rock lovers. The steeple behind me is where R.E.M. played their first show ever 30 years ago. The church used to be St. Mary's Episcopal, and at the time the band played and practiced songs there, it was already a dilapidated site and no longer used for church functions (more info here). What remains now is a beautiful Gothic-style steeple. R.E.M. formed in Athens and still has musical roots here -- they have band offices downtown and some members live around town.

So as a fan, I wanted to reflect some musical inspiration in my sartorial choices Saturday night. I decided what better way to pay tribute to a band than to wear an outfit inspired by one of their music videos? I dressed up with "Man on the Moon" in mind. Lots of black and white, and a straw hat. I took some liberties by making brown my standout color.

This shoot actually was difficult. The logistics of the steeple weren't easy -- it's surrounded by a parking lot and an apartment complex, so I've had to drive by several times during different times of the day to figure out when it wouldn't be as crowded either. Totally worth it, though.
This isn't my best outfit, but this one was the most fun to experiment with. If you are a longtime reader of this blog, then you'll know that I spend a lot of time in dresses and bright colors. But if there's anytime to try new things, it's the weekend. It was fun to try separates, and research R.E.M. videos and try to have what I wear be representative of their art. Who knows, I may do another daily style tribute again.

 Do you ever draw sartorial inspiration from bands and their music videos?

signature1 by you.


  1. Ah, Joann, I LOOOOOOOVE this! As soon as I saw the pictures load, I was just itching with excitement. The photoshoot is beautiful, and your outfit is positively inspired. I love those shoes, especially.

    And I love that you took so much inspiration from music! I'm a major music-lover, and my morning playlist more often than not sets my mood for the day, so I often take sartorial inspiration from it as well. I've actually been meaning to do a post about that...

    Annnyyyway, this is one of my favorites. I just love it!

  2. What a great location! I'm inspired by people in bands all the time, to the extent that I have style icons, they are almost always musicians.

    I did a little post about that actually, ages ago, before anyone read my blog:

  3. I love the socks!!! I'm so scared to try socks but you look adorable.

    I love the location too, the setting is gorgeous.

  4. I love those shoes. I like experimenting on weekends too because it's much easier than enduring crazy stares from coworkers

  5. I love this one! You bag is adorable, but I also love the outfit. Perfect summer chic!

    I definitely get inspiration from music and music videos. I actually have music videos playing all day at my store, so it's hard not to!

  6. This photo shoot turned out wonderfully. I think all your perserverance really paid off because your pictures really show the beauty of this location.

  7. Wow, this is really cool, its a very thoughtful and inspired shoot and I respect that, very much!

    Can we do the feature for Friday please??? I can't can't wait to showcase you in the blog!


  8. You look AMAZING!!!! I love everything. I wish I could pull it off.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  9. The hat, the socks, it's all amazing!! Your creativity really inspires me :)

  10. What a fun idea I should try this. I always get so inspired when you wear something besides dresses, I love your signature style, but those few times that you throw something else in the mix it's like ooh I should try that too!


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